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  1. Pretty weird, didnt receive anything
  2. Nothing happend, you got all the donation perks
  3. Where is my 4 year badge? 😮

  4. Way too many haha! I have marksmen, helicopter and Apex
  5. Dear community, @George-Harris came with the idea to make a "Life of Poseidon" video. I've decided to start a new series where i will record all interesting situations that we as poseidon encounter. Some are shitty, some are fun! As you can see in the first episode: Let me know what you think of the first episode! I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks to all involved, oh and don't countdown guys - Mr. Ivhan Altis Film Company
  6. Dear Community, Made my new Channeltrailer, hope you guys like it! More Arma 3 videos are coming soon! Got idea's or want me to make a video about your character ingame? Contact me! Leave a like if you liked it and subscribe for the coming Altislife videos! - Mr. Ivhan
  7. So we were waiting for the poseidon meeting, and @Kez Atlas started jamming, we asked him to play the song Riptide.. this is what happend: You got a great voice kez! Thanks for sharing it with us! We loved it.
  8. Thats exactly why we made it haha
  9. Haha sorry my dude! Thanks for your comment tho
  10. Dear community, I made another cinematic (quarantine hits me hard), this time about the story of Poseidon. Like the video on YT if you liked it and subscribe for more Special thanks to: @Proxeum @Kez Atlas @Nik Atlas @tertiary page @Jasonhk @Nazgul Atlas Voice: Faheem (@?) Let us know what you think of the video - Mr. Ivhan Altis Film Company
  11. I heared the mother "Anita" was nominated for an oscar... thanks alot bud! Enioyed making it
  12. Dear community, We made a cringy (As always) cinematic about the life and hard work of the NHS. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes... Leave a like on Youtube Pls Special thanks to: @Proxeum @Norman @SnoWeed @Alex Maximillian @sebastien @JeTZz @ S.kahn @TASH Let us know what you think of it
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