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  1. Ant's PUBG Potato Montage

    @VikRambo because he does not get any kills when you are alive.
  2. Staff Team - Announcement

    I'd like to know how many people you interviewed both last time and now.
  3. Goodbye Altis POLICE!

    Am i allowed to imprison him for life when i meet him ingame? For espionage and treason? I don't even know this gang so i'm not really concerned with the "best gang roleplay story, declare war on police" season 58 ep 6.
  4. When Police see UNMC activity

    I personally have no problems with either UNMC or Police and I have been on police holiday with UNMC and i will do it again. I see no reason to hate eachother like this outside of roleplay reasons, we are both trying to do whats best. Wishing both factions the best and hope we will one day get along, DSGT George T.
  5. That seems to be indeed a police uniform and without proper initiation he is not allowed to actually shoot at you. If you know his name you could have a talk with him on teamspeak or you could even write a PCC if you wish to. In any case i suggest you talk to him if possible to see what caused this.
  6. Happy  Birthday mate Hope you have a nice one 


  7. Happy Birthday George!


    1. George T

      George T

      Thanks for the cake 😋

  8. Happy birthday big boy! 

  9. Happy Birthday george !! Enjoy youre day. 


    1. George T

      George T

      Haha,  thanks buddy 😁

  10. JefkeV

    I have to say whenever i have any questions he's there to answer them, great guy :)
  11. Happy Birthday!

    1. Fluqi


      Thanks mate :)

  12. Medicinal Weed Permit (police reply needed)

    You will not be let go, we have certain rules regarding a weed permit. To start of with the maximum weed you can have on you is limited. I think it's 5 but i could be wrong. Second of all you need the signature of 2 CMO's from the NHS on your "permit" and as @CMO Joel Denning said you will have to put some effort into getting it. And to give the police the permit you send it to them in a private message on teamspeak ( imgur, google docs, whatever).
  13. SGT George T. YR Yuri CSO Vinny McGraw

    Thank you, i know a lot of weird things happened and it dragged on but i thank you for understanding and not becoming impatient. You did your best to roleplay your way out of it but i just could not let you keep that gun ;) Guys with me where: @Yuri @Vinny McGraw Also since you said you where intent on helping out that police officer how about you try and join the NHS ? Until we meet again (and hopefully less weird things happen) SGT/CST George T.
  14. Staff Team Openings!

    Good luck everyone.
  15. Police talking in-game suggestion

    I already do this at times but i fully agree. I will start enforcing this upon myself and try to get other people to do it as well.