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  1. Lower the number lmao not up it. Can't handle 140 let alone more
  2. you seem kinda broke bro.

    1. AlexBear


      you seem kinda banned bro. ❤️

    2. Malfang
  3. If you watch the video I actually switch to driver at the same time as he did which decamps me. Also this occurs when the vehicle is stationary ( my screen goes black before the ifrit moves ). You can decamp from cars moving up to about 35, so the ifrit ran me over. I'm reporting you for the fact you took advantage of the situation to kill me. Plenty of people get run over by mistake however then restraining / killing that person when part of the "VDMers" faction is a clear rule break. The ifrit was driven away by one of your faction members so I'm not sure how you thought I was still in
  4. Report a player Your In-game Name: CTSFO 2 0 Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Jefke Atlas Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 12/02/21 Time of the incident (GMT): 2100 What best describes this incident ?: Taking advantage of VDM Please (in detail) describe the incident: Got VDMed by a Poseidon member and then Jefke took advantage of that VDM by killing me before I could get up. Pretty blatant rule break tbh, asked for comp / tried to resolve but he didn't reply so... Didn't even get a chance to fu
  5. Based off your reply i assumed you meant it was meant to be like that? My bad then dw Feel free to delete this then
  6. Brief Summary: Change who needs to be on to rob Athira bank when Poseidon own Athira. Doesn't make sense for it to require both 5 Poseidon AND 7 cops. Detailed Suggestion: For athira bank to be robbed it should just be 7 Poseidon with no Police requirement. Did think it was a bug but I guess not so here we are. The Pros: Makes more sense The Cons: N/A Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? Allows Athira bank to be robbed more but still balanced
  7. When the border is pushed back Athira bank still requires 7 cops to be on. On top of requiring 7 Poseidon. Taken while over 7 Poseidon are online Should be one or the other not both. 7 Poseidon not cops since they own the bank technically.
  8. o7 sir as your last action as CC i have some suggestions
  9. Remove the old runs that aren't done that much. Removes map clutter as well
  10. Not rly the best way to go about this dude, if you have an issue with the way the cops handled the situation then go to gold command. Or submit a PCC? Just making a post complaining about the situation will only cause drama. Each situation's different. Surprisingly we don't always insta start a gunfight with Poseidon.
  11. AlexBear

    Redzone VDM changes

    Allow vehicle to vehicle "ramming" in redzones. Current rule: (1.1) Vehicle Deathmatch (also known as VDM) - Using any vehicle as a weapon (e.g running people over, causing explosions including while sling loading, ramming, etc), will result in you receiving a ban. Three vehicles are excluded from this, MRAPS (Ifrits, Hunters and Striders) can ram other MRAPS in order to disable them, yet not to kill the passengers. This is allowed as these vehicles are the only vehicles ingame that can withstand being rammed. Please note that you need to initiate roleplay before attempting to ram a
  12. 7811f4b37ebba3f732d02f0cecad585c.gif

    Rate the lobos tactics tbf

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      @Maximoh my.. I knew I felt a disturbance.

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      If that means @Maximis the good guy were all screwed! ❤️ 

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      I'm obiwan mate vroooom

  13. Well Police had 30 on at peak pretty much but some logged. When Poseidon and Police numbers were equal its pretty unbalanced. Especially now you can pull 5 ifrits we were just outmatched so other's logged. The lag made lots log off as well. No point playing when you can't see hwo killed you then they teleport infront and disappear off letting both factions get in? Last week there was nothing stopping Poseidon logging on lol. Nothing changed regarding that, just Poseidon actually tried getting into the server at restart. 4 hrs is long when its that laggy and unbalanced. It's fine
  14. U privated it :(, wanted to watch it to learn how to improve. Maybe one day I can be as good as you. Teach me how to edit montages as well, love the outro
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