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  1. didnt know south checkpoint was a redzone tbh cant believe you've done this simon...
  2. ur literally my dog. woof
  3. 1.2 mil? Overpaying but fuck it servers dead like
  4. How much? only 1 mag so not gonna be much
  5. if ur gonna try roast my ego at least make sure what you type makes sense... nice try though
  6. Haydens the only guy who can get kills it seems, probably cus no one sees him when he drops ( much love hayden )
  7. Sea dogs would have to actually hit something to do that....
  8. Give MPU lethal mags and next border wars you're getting ego dropped on

    1. AlexBear


      you okay? 

    2. Malfang


      No, she made fuckin BEANZZZZZZZ WTF!

  10. worst admins tbh, bully me all the time
  11. Transparency / communication is pretty important imo. It creates hype when devs say what they're working on, the community can then give input and possible remove any tweaking down the line if they aren't balanced. Mainly though there are so many good suggestions on the forums that would help boost the numbers back up, some aren't even much dev work. Would be nice to see them looked at / even commented on. IDK why high tier guns aren't added to advanced ( like what maxim said ). IDK why some guns are added to both Police and Poseidon such as the type etc. Some many simple whitelistin
  12. Lack of updates yes. Problem is runs have been paying out fuck all, so no one wants to do them. With no money in people dont want to spend money for some reason. You need a good way to make and plenty of ways to spend. idk the servers not looking too good rn. Hope the devs put out some needed updates soon
  13. @Fluqi There's the video, idk why the guys reporting then removing evidence bit sus, but enjoy.
  14. How come Jesse run's into a purple zone after getting very clearly initiated on? So he's abusing the zone boundaries very clearly. Why didn't you ask to come liaison if you had an issue instead of just instantly reporting? Seems like it's more than just a report but fair. You also fly away so you can't hear the further RP / initiating so idk why you've reported for 1.2 Finally, pretty short video, don't you need 3 minutes prior?
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