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  1. Will there be a second GTA RP server in the future, or extended player slots on the current one, as it is very hard to get playing on the current one, the ques are very long and takes too long to get on, been like this all week.
  2. A bottle of whiskey and a nice woman
  3. @TraceursniperYour Recent NHS Application was lacking in detail and you where notifed about this by me and given 48 Hours to re-apply, you werent lacking in the RP question but the 2 questions you were lacking in was Why do you want to join the Altis NHS ? And Tell us why you think you would make a good NHS Medic ? the answeres you gave to these 2 questions were effortless 1 line answers. you still have 28 Hours from now to re-apply if not our standard 2 week minimum between applications will apply. Kind Regards CST. Darragh
  4. Your Profile is trippy as fuck

    1. JSt4r


      m e m e s

    2. RES Darragh

      RES Darragh

      Hahaha i know :) i like trippy stuff :D

  5. RES Darragh

    "Click here"

    https://stats.roleplay.co.uk/ New Link
  6. Yes i best answer yet im going to have to try it out , Thnaks :)
  7. I got a boat but i dont know how to fish , there is no option to throw out a net
  8. as you can see below in my signiture the NHS icons and my Signiture are suddenly missing , why ? I feel like someone has removed them
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