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  1. Vehicle: Maserati GranTurismo Current Speed (If applicable): 130 New Speed (If applicable): 160-175 atleast https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maserati_GranTurismo#:~:text=The MC Stradale is the,%2Fh (188 mph).
  2. Hey thanks for the reply. I have settled on buying wired as I might get annoyed with constantly plugging it to charge. So I went onto buy Logitech Pro X.
  3. I asume this question is for the GTA Server if so please do try to ask people around in character by doing so learn what its used for and how. Enjoy the process
  4. I have been on a bus for 10 hours now how is everyones day going?

  5. Here me out mate. The current GPU market is so high because of cryptomining so what ever you do don't buy a gpu 4GB+ gpu now wait until the cryptoboom goes down. Just buy a 4gb used card to get you playing games on moderate then upgrade it later. 4gb cards I suggest 1050ti , rx 570, rx 580. Its your call but I will tell you gpu(4GB+) prices are too freaking high currrently.
  6. Yeah basicly the title says it all. I find it's really annoying to use a wired headset it allways like ALLWAYS gets in my way it might be mine poor management but yeah I really want a good wireless headset with a decent microphone. The price range that I was thinking about was around 100-250$
  7. Anyone got @Kral's steam account or is in touch with him I need to get in touch with him hellpp


  8. It has almost 5 years since I started to play on RPUK well 3 years actively atleast. I am really sad to see the servers empty(comparing to before when there were 3 servers up) I wish we could go back 😞

    1. Norman


      Don't be sad Emi, things have changed. Yes Arma on the whole has died down quite considerably, but we have two active servers at the moment (we're no longer confined to just Arma 3!), both servers hit 80-100 players most evenings and there's actively events and development on both. 

    2. Bowen


      You know the best way to increase server pop? come and play! 🙂

    3. Wilco


      You need to catch the right time of day... evening UK time

  9. All the servers down?

    1. Hastty


      ye apparently for maintenance only 10 mins i believe

  10. I am the 100 follower where do I get my prize again?

    1. Khandamir


      You can collect your prize at the apple field xD Make sure to bring PCSO @PeachMaster to let him do the picking. =D

  11. Emi

    Kebab will allways stay strong my friend you can 

  12. Why dont we(UNMC) get the offor slot? if anyone have any knowledge about this would be wonderfull to know.
  13. There isnt any sirens but I hope there was there was lots of recommendations for it but it didnt make through. Good Price to Charge is 10 - 5 k
  14. There is one way to fix it that I know of if some of you lads see the guy just escort him then Unescort him if that doesnt work I dont know what will.
  15. Pretty basic when there is less then 5 cops on you get %50 off for every drug you do
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