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  1. hit me up when you up for playing
  2. oy join up in a same corp
  3. So may i see video evidence of the issue then? in you OG post there was no killing to be seen
  4. actually on your video i couldnt see anything, just bullets flying around. and you guys acting a bit weird and you combat logging. how are you not able to initiate on a vehicle? and where does it state that your not allowed to initiate on a moving vehicle? so you basicly have no video evidence to back up pretty much all of your claims?
  5. is there video from your side? as on my pov i initiated on your vehicle when you were passing right next to me within 10 m in regards of failrp... thats just your opinion. because i cant possibluy know what your audio settings are and earplug. all i know is that you should hear me when i scream while standing next to the passing car. i when i initiated the *second* time it was on 2-3 rebels running outside on helipad area. thats state,ent might have been misinterpreted, the other group came out of the building somewhere mid gunfight and then were taken to the dmt in restrains the maintain safety for both of us.
  6. since you made it short id keep it short and simple. 1: active fire, between rebels and poseidon. in your video you did not get rdmed. if any of your members did a video would be appreciated. 2: combat log is combat log, even if you think i was rdming. 2 wrong does not make 1 right
  7. story from my side, i see the same offroad speed pass me twice. at the second encounter i decided to do a routine traffice stop. when i told the driver to stop his vehicle or *he* will be dissabled he ignored it and kept driving to rebel. at this point i decided to pursuit this person and see whatsup, while chasing him to rebel we opened up on the tired because i wanted him alive and told my gunner to be extra cautious of bullet placement. at the road leading up to rebel we took "presumably"suppresed fire from rebel of which smashed my window. at this point i can only assume his friends have opened up on us. we went offroad and took a detour and came around the other side of rebel outpost. at that point my backup and started to suppress the building but not killing anyone, and i pushed up to the southern gate and entered the compound. during which i see people with guns drawn running about. since i know this is a rebel shop i decided to initiate verbally on them just to make sure they are either involved or will be. when i initiated i can see 1 of the 2 persons running around the H barrier to what i can only guess kill me. so i ran back out the rebel compound and flanked to the east entrance to fire at a rebel who was standing in the open. at this point i believe the group dixie?? came out at screamed they are not involved and said they are just buying and we let took em up to the dmt and restraint them for the time being"they got let go after" and pushed the compount to find more rebels with gun drown not saying anything and shot all of the rebels who took defensive possition as they gave me no opportunity to run up and KO. i am sorry if you are not involved, but from my perspective if was an all out rebel vs poseidon, and we were extra cautious to not KOS and infact double check everyone to see if they were an lethal threat. i am also sorry to see that you are new on this server, and if you came to teamspeak and tried to talked to me i would have happily explained it to you and comp your gear if you werent involved. however here we are on the forums, and the only 2 things i can say is: 1. were you guys involved, yes/no? and why were you guys setting up within the hm building 2. why did you combatlog? weird flex, but oke. *edit Non of the whitelisted faction can see OOC btw
  8. lets just wait for staff at this point, regarding me leaving as soon as we were waiting for video is just another assumption from your side. i stayed for an extended amount time, but you cant expect me to stay in ts and wait for more then 30 min just for you to render a video. i did infact message Matt to inform me once im needed or the video is there. but did not get any msges. then i was called to some real life issues and there for left. if you wanted to resolve privately you could have txt me on forums. maybe its relevant to tagg the staff who gave his opinion on it being a clear rdm. so i can get his explanation and input to learn from this if it was indeed my fault.
  9. first off all you shouldnt feel anything from my texts, as i send them in a neutral way and am not at any point offensive of any sort. and yoh assuming that is completely up to you, at this point we should leave it to staff. since i dont feel like you want this to resolve unless it favors you. why do i feel this way? when we were on ts you were litterally putting words in my mouth saying i swore at you in discord which i didnt. on ts you also said you werent there to spot anyone yet here there is a different story, you friend receaved 2 sets of tracers. yet when timo seen or heard shots his responde was*ow bad aim haha* instead of ow im getting warned maybe i should leave. for the initiation part, there was an active gunfight between rebel and rebel. you were a rebel shots are fired, you are spotting. so if you saw me or didnt really isnt my problem. i saw you and you friend saw me he said there was someone close by you from the original post ""Driving into town I don't spot anyone and I try to get a decent encounter in once I get the location of a person thats apparently really close to me. "" so what you expect? i let a rebel with a gun to walk up to me and initiate on me mid gunfight with rebels? thats not common sense in my opinion. and for some reason you ignored my part of reply regarding timo spraying my guys out of the car everytime. would love a response to that. edit: an unedited video/with audio from zittox side would probably clear out some confusions
  10. yeah it really does and im not going to call you out on that one, thats for the staff to decide. the 2 keywords here from you are spot and confrontation. here is a quote from you *Driving into town I don't spot anyone and I try to get a decent encounte* you knew exactly what you were getring into, my friends were sprayed out during approach, sure all fair games. because they are involved. and so where you, in your own words you said you were trying to spot someone. in your video your see hidden behind a 2 story building, and timo briefly responding to something you said. then you decided to drive forward which led to your death. in my perspective it looked like you were spotting for him and when you drove near me i quickly looked inside and saw a geared rebel. and decided to open fire. we talked to staff after, and he only gave his opinion and it seems you didnt agree upon it unless i missed something. and i know its just a opinion and not a final decision. i would have felt sorry for you if yoh werent actually involved(which you were) but come on man, use your common sense. during an active gunfight in middles of nowhere, where litterally no one ever goes unless for their house. a car pulles up from behind cover with a geared rebel, what else could you be? a friendly neighbor? they whole gunfight was unneeded in your first place as it was kind of baity. we were raiding a barn and see a mh9.hovering next to us, upon firing 2 set of warning shots(one even with suppressor taken off) he did not leave. he waited to take shots and land for the gunfight...
  11. i am.involved to this as the poster of the video and the situation. @Lost_avenger who are you ? if not involved please dont add unrelevant replies. i dont.believe more is needed you can see the time frame and him purposely stalling the revive, at beginning of part1 you see that he knew the guys we were robbing. which happend.near airport. instead of bringing.us to athira he drove us to kavala whithout bloodbagging midway. which resulted in death of 2 members. during the driving he delivered minimal rp regarding the injured, he might have.not known the blood thing. but he is definitely purposely delaying revive.
  12. may i request 3 min upon you dying, also why is there no mic capture of you? cant tell me your friend was talking to him self for this whole time can you? apart from that, all my friends where shot out of a quilin while driving up. yet you see no problem in that? at the tome of timo shooting them no one has shot yet except me and timo. ill stay quiet till i see a unedited video and a extended version if possible.
  13. i am not sure about the cops, but the cap on poseidon is 25, and only get completely filled up during an meeting. since we hold the meeting ingame instead off teamspeak exclusive. apart from that i have never seen out numbers reach over civ or cops in peak times.
  14. a bit slow on this one, as you suggestion has been put in place ages ago. there is cap on amount of whitelisted faction.
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