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  1. @Coco would agree with what youve said lower the ammount needed for fuel station robberies.
  2. reduce cops needed for RBA Brief Summary: so since the activity for both cops and rebel had been low recently the amount of police required to be online should be reduced from 15 to 10. Detailed Suggestion: there has been a lack of major crimes for the past while mostly because there is rarely ever enough cops online to actually do them and they should be reduced partially. The Pros: factions will be able to enjoy doing the RBA treasury without needing to wait for the rare occasion there is enough police online to do so. The Cons: if there is a big
  3. best thing ive seen today
  4. @MrLongSlong @Bowen Orion ive not been able to get hold of lube, just improve a lot with your initiations.
  5. @Bowen Orion just back from work so not sure
  6. where you in a different liason or what just waiting till can get this video.
  7. all you done i the liason was tell us you didnt know you have to counter initiate
  8. @Bowen Orion i was at the bank during this incident im reporting him because i went to liason with him 10 mins prior and clearly did not listen to anything that was said. waiting for Lube to get me the clip.
  9. its not me in that video ill get lube to send that longer video
  10. Your In-game name SGT SCREAM Name of the player(s) you are reporting MrLongSlong Date of the incident 07/08/20 Time of the incident (GMT) What best describes this incident ? RDM poor rp Which server did the incident take place on Altis Life Please (in detail) describe the incident so this video is from SGT LUBE he gave me permission as i feel its necessary to submit this as about 10 mins prior to this we where in a liason with mrlongslong because he got told if he keeps running he will we tazed he then just turned around and spra
  11. i cant believe we have lived like this for so long
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