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  1. I use the logitech G502 (but the old version so i cant change the colour of the logitech logo, im pretty sure they are the same in other aspects though) its a decent mouse, you can add weights to the bottom if needed and has a braided cable if thats something you're after
  2. Banned for exploiting the fact I’m out of ideas for your ban idea
  3. Banned for Having CSI in your name (I’m running out of ideas now)
  4. Banned for @'ing me when you werent banning me
  5. Arma will use steams voice options To find said settings 1) Open Friends list 2) Click the settings icon 3) Go into the "Voice" menu 4) Check what microphone device you have it set to
  6. I have exactly the same issue with mine, i just played around with the steam voice settings and Windows microphone boost to get it to a point where i can be heard but it doesnt sound too distorted
  7. Banned for not quoting the person you're banning.
  8. Do you recall any changes that occurred in the timeframe of being able to connect fine to now not being able to connect? (Driver updates etc.)
  9. Banned for thinking it was the awkward emoji but in actual fact it was the classic : ) but the forums changes it automatically
  10. Banned for not appreciating the time i spent on my avatar and profile banner, didnt take long
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