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  1. 1.Honestly there was no thought of the actual meaning. I was just lashing out a bit at a player that ziptied my mate and shot him in the head ( I would report but my recording software wasn't on at the time) I just used it off the cuff, as you said it does seem to get thrown around a lot without the meaning really being considered. 2. Obviously the connotations of the word being associated with Paedophiles can be construed as extremely offensive and a serious insult to use, especially in a society such in which we live where it is absolutely unacceptable, sometimes to the point o
  2. Unban Appeal for TCK Benis In-game Name: Pte Bennett Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198097692954 The date you got banned: 13/01/21 Member of the team that banned you: Auto Perm Reason given for your ban: 2.2 Inappropriate words In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I typed the word "nonce" in chat. Why should we unban you ?: I used the word absent mindedly and I apologise , i understand the connotation of the word and that it has some pretty horrific meanings but I hope you can understand that it is used quite commo
  3. I mean to be fair, in reality if Altis was a real country and the population of the server was a real population, there would be intense sexism as there would be hardly any women in a society based around huge crime and 0 education or infrastructure. But at the same time the server is an entertainment device so the same way racist roleplay shouting "kill all Ni**gers" isn't acceptable neither should vivid sexism and harrassment. Saying that I think some female players could take it too far. A player realising a player is a female and making a cheeky comment isn't harassment as long as t
  4. Do people actually still find him and his brother and friends that leeched off his fame funny? Call me edgy but they are literally your average early 20s lads, they aren't talented, they are just lucky.
  5. Well , firstly, calm down from a annoying situation before jumping straight in game again because that is generally when you can sound more offensive and also be more prone to failrp and RDM, and secondly make sure I watch the choice of words I am using.
  6. I mean, although obviously I knew it would be frowned upon, i was not aware it would be met with such harsh punishment, I was not trying to break 11.1 or bully people, I purely slipped up, and this punishment has been a strong reminder.
  7. I didn't think about what I said, I just blurted it out. And without trying to justify my actions, it is very widely used in a negative way with little to no scrutiny in my experience.
  8. No, I meant that the behaviour is not acceptable on the teamspeak at all but when in the presence of people that have been affected it is a direct breach of 11.1 and could cause upset.
  9. Maturity isn't just responsibility, its knowing when and where you should do something, and regardless most 12 year olds do not have that down to the same accuracy as a 40 year old. Don't worry aha, people just seem to get touchy about age on this server, not really sure why
  10. In-game Name [TCK] Benis Steam ID 76561198097692954 The date of your ban. 07/26/2017 Member of the team that banned you. Tik Tak Reason given for your ban. 11.1 The Server you initially were banned on. Teamspeak In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. After being questionably killed and returning from the support office I used the word "Autistic" to describe the situation. Why should we unban you ? I really wasn't trying to offend people with the word, I simply was not thinking and used an inappropriate description, I am
  11. Some people don't want 13 year olds screaming "he is RDMing me" over teamspeak, additionally some of the shit I have talked about with my gang has been in no way appropriate for a 13 year old to hear
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