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  1. L12Mason

    Tools needed for banks

    Brief Summary: When robbing a bank you need to have some sort of device to hack the terminal or drill to drill the safes. Detailed Suggestion: At the minute you don't need anything to rob a bank. You just need to know how to hack the terminal. A lot of the time new people to the server spawn in and the first thing they do is try to rob a bank and just leave as soon as you turn up without any form of RP. I think adding tools will require people to do a bit of planning to rob a bank which will create better RP. As it will require a more thought out process maybe up the price you rece
  2. Brief Summary: A point on where mechanics can return there flatbed for £ Detailed Suggestion: With mechanic being one of the most popular jobs at the minute the impound is always full ov vehicles. Most of these are flatbeds which people are done with them they just leave them anywhere and don't really care as they have no use for them anymore. My suggestion is to maybe up the rental price of the flatbed by £500 as a deposit which they will get back once they return the flatbed and give people an incentive to return them. The Pros: Clean up of mechanic trucks around the
  3. Was you never taught to look both way before crossing?
  4. Happy Birthday to the second best Scouser i know 🥳 Have a good one mate

    1. adaco


      You accidentally typed second instead of first 🙂 Niceone mate 

  5. L12Mason


    Merry Christmas mate, have a good one
  6. Shout out to @Robbieand @ConnorTheGreattfor hosting a royal rumble for us all and giving us something else to do other than stand around bean machine getting ran over. I think i can speak for everyone when i say we all had great fun.
  7. Thanks for the follow sir, big fan here

    1. YoCo


      Im your biggest fan 

  8. I also agree with this, people usually abuse stuff like this and ruin it for others. I was thinking that there should be traffic wardens who can add vehicles to the impound list and keep the streets clean. It would have to be a whitelisted job so people can't come along and abuse it. That way police can focus on there job and not get pestered by mechanics to put cars on the impound list.
  9. So pretty much as the title says there is currently a timer when revealing players ID's. I understand that it was there because it made it easy for people to meta game when you could see the player list, but now that is not the case so i don't think it applies anymore. With the server growing in population there is more and more VDM'ers who are just here to cause trouble and without the cool down it will be easier for us to ID these individuals.
  10. @RobbieHappy 40th Robert !!! Give my best to the kids

  11. Who thought it would be a good idea to let a scouser speak at a funeral
  12. If its possible could there be a like a staff announcement 10-15 minutes before the restart. It would help people finish up what there doing and get somewhere where they won't be stranded when they log back on
  13. Appreciate it. I think it was just a shit situation for everyone left involved and dragged on way longer than it should have, so i also want to thank you boys for understanding the situation and being patient.
  14. L12Mason

    Car Dealerships

    Would this also apply to the bike dealership? Currently everyone who gets patched into the lost has access to the dealership. As where the only bike dealership i think we need more people working there than a car dealership. If where capped at say 3 workers there is no way for people to get the bike they want until one comes online, where as with the car dealership they can go to another dealership.
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