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  1. NHS

    Let's not have NHS on malden and see how that goes xD. Nah. I pretty sure there will be NHS on malden. I think UNMC and police also.
  2. When you do the mohawk test some hours before this happens 😭😭

    "Removed NHS Mohawk and Taru's"


    That's pretty accurate.
  4. Police group.

    WHat rank in the police force are you? Since PPC's+ get forum whitelisting!
  5. Guns and Police stuff

    50k for everything.
  6. Goodbye Altis POLICE!

    But with that RP post you got yourself perm blacklisted instead of joining back whenever you wish you can now never join back lolz.
  7. Official Discord

    I get the following error: http://prntscr.com/fw2ods

    Currently I would say UNMC.
  9. Unleash the OCD Within!

    This is getting even worse.
  10. Altis Life UK Server Development - Feedback

    Had this same problem once. I think it's only on one of the servers. Same with taxi btw
  11. Ash's rare Gunshop

    Why? If you store it in a house you risk it to get robbed :) And if he wants to sell whatever he got from you.. Up to him.
  12. Footage of RTU traffic stop

    Pretty accurate.
  13. 1,5M giveaway!

  14. King's drugs/weapons/berets sale.

    Sorry for the late response. However you can decide what you want to pay for it!
  15. Byebye school :)

    1. Daniel Griffin

      Daniel Griffin

      pfff man i got summer classes aswell. good for you

    2. KingGodDiabloZ


      @Daniel Griffin Aah damn man. Goodluck with them!