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  1. Official Discord

    The handiness of having a Slack app on my phone is the best part about Slack.
  2. TS Is back up gents!

  3. Bang and TeamSpeak is gone...

  4. For Sell

    Where abouts on the 320 square kilometer map is this house? But anyways I'll give you £10 and a lollypop.
  5. PC Fergus [KV777]

  6. How to dive efficiently.

    When your trying to show off to someone and then this......
  7. Respray Shops

    Until it's fixed, you don't!
  8. NPAS live!

    @DSGT Fergus
  9. King's drugs/weapons/berets sale.

    How much would you be wanting for 2 protectors, a sting and all of the mags which go with them?
  10. Laws?

    One thing which is completely baffling me is that you are yet to mention the other half of the story, why did they arrest you? What grounds did they arrest you upon? Why did they take you? We cannot make assumptions and assume that you were maltreated by the officers on scene. I will also add that the permission you got off of the 2 SGT's for the marijuana is not applicable to the situation based upon the fact that the only way that you can get permission is by having documentation with the signature of 2 Chief Medical Officers (CMO's). If you were truly handled in a poor way and have evidence proving it, please refer to the Police Complaints commission who will look into any misconduct carried out by the officers.
  11. Applying for police (-16)

    They become a fully fledged cop at the end after the young recruit scheme. It's not as if we have a special section for everyone in the Police under 16.
  12. Applying for police (-16)

    Please don't dish out false information. He can indeed join the Altis Police despite his age.
  13. Level up fast as a civ

    And doing cider run after cider run isn't?
  14. Bring back the old police skins

    Prob. PC's and PC's in NCA, RTU and AR don't have access to sporties. There's not always a SGT+ on an RTU/NCA (generally there is one on AR patrol tho) That's just plain and simply incorrect.
  15. Whitelisted Factions

    Bit of an inconvenience to the not in the Airborne Division tho, there'd be no way to get a land vehicle across the sea.