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982 Dodgy Dave Arms Smuggler

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  1. 🗝️⛓️

    1. MrLongSlong


      fuck off only just got rid of that shepherd nerd now ur on the prowl 

  2. Hola

    1. 3FingerGaming


      Hola, you coming back soon Mr keychain? 

    2. Nuclear
  3. Might have to polish mine and bring it out
  4. Looks rather interesting, whos about then, maybe time for a good laugh @Warwick@SI Wolfy@DCC LastNickLeft (And the other lads, cant find forum names x)
  5. Happy Birthday Five M Developer Dan Barretto

  6. Ya know what. This track actually looks pretty good for cars...
  7. Love it - cant wait to get on when all my uni crap is out the way
  8. Happy Birthday big man! 

    1. Tokjat


      Happy Birthday you big man now

  9. What time we doing this then aye
  10. im down - Also fuck being LAT - Ill go Machinegunner or a support role
  11. Love Squad - Hit me up and wanna put a team together?
  12. @Demuth - I can get Mr. Noble down there Ali Barber #93891
  13. MOTOCROSS RACE 9PM - 10K Prize - Bikes will supplied on entry if own Sanchez or manchez is not supplied. Redwoodlights Race track

  14. @Aethon NCA shooting SPG..... i likey @Ace J Hunter
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