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  1. +1 might cause more sniping but fuck it
  2. I wouldnt imagine so they should just be able to put the timer on pause or something very simular to the revive code that prevents bleeding out
  3. what about if it gave you the option to bleed out when being blood bagged but you cant bleed out without holding F as in if you start blood baging a second before you bleed out you wont bleed out?
  4. This is not what I had in mind if am honest with you the only reason I wanted this adding was because its a pain when you have 2 minutes left on blood start blood bagging and then run out of blood losing all your gear
  5. Blood bag bleed out Brief Summary: Make it so you can’t bleed out when being blood bagged Detailed Suggestion: Right now when you are being blood bagged you can respawn and bleed out even though you are being blood bagged so I think it should be changed to being blood bagged by _______ The Pros: Stops people being annoyed at bleeding out even though they are being blooded bagged The Cons: Non Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? Makes everyone happy
  6. Thats not relevant people don’t do runs because they don’t give enough money. Police go to red zones cos rebels are there if more rebels went to weed processor then cops would go there as well but there just isn’t any point if no one ever does drug runs because end of the day it’s a game and they arnt going to patrol something that people arnt at because you would get board Tbh it is very similar to riz’s suggestion which I hadn’t seen before but still nothing has changed in order for things to change it needs to be brought up again and again i also agree with you about Pose
  7. Redzones pay arnt the issue redzone battles should be rebles Poseidon and cops in special units GC etc. legal runs are rebles vs civs and then the civs call the police usually illegal runs are for cops vs rebles The reason people are going to redzones are cos they are new and shiny when something else comes out they will die
  8. Really didnt think an RDMer would be giving me bangers to listen to 

  9. I miss UNMC 30+ Hemmit weed runs
  10. That is very intresting thank you I do think all runs do need to be increased however though to increase all runs including legal and illegal as it seems like no one does runs in queens land but diamonds
  11. Run money Brief Summary: Simply buff runs by increasing the amount of money you earn from them especially drug runs Detailed Suggestion: Since coming back to the server all I have seen is rebels complain about Police get free this police get free that, make police pay more for this and that why not have a different suggestion with rebels earning more money off runs as a whole I will be honest I haven't done a run in ages because I've not needed to and will obviously need to look into certain runs in particular but I imagine this would be a good start. I think drug ru
  12. Would this only effect the people in the area I take it then and only change if the text comes up in the bottom left put if someone runs over after this it is still masked player?
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