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Jefke V

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  1. Happy birthday Jefke, you're missed at TCK!

  2. Happy Birthday My Habibi <3 Love ya Pfc. Jefke 

    1. Jefke V

      Jefke V

      thnx ma SGT. Laith

  3. Ooooh  Mister Hobooo his birthday man!!

    Happy happy birthday mahh hobo <3

    1. Jefke V

      Jefke V

      hahaha thnx smelly kenny ;p 

  4. Happy Birthday Pal 

  5. Happy birthday LAD

    1. Jefke V

      Jefke V

      Thnx ma dude ;d

  6. Happy birthday 🎉 

    1. Jefke V

      Jefke V

      thnx ;d 


  7. did not know we had a underground garage ;o
  8. Girls on the island

    whenever they crossed the line, feel free to come and talk to staff, We have a zero tolerance on this kind of stuff.
  9. Hey man i replied to your comment i hope I did what you said right :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheRealOutlaw


      No need to cause problems bro, let him do what he wants to do its not your job to moderate status updates nor quote rules to people. Let Jefke respond however he wants? Maybe he will be glad SyrShoTs updated him about it? Maybe not it doesn't matter

    3. SyrShoTs


      Honestly I was asking if I done it right my bad though

    4. TheRealOutlaw


      Nah bro your good don't worry about it @SyrShoTs

  10. @Masis joins the room, Jefke i was in belgium, and i need to say the water in belgium is really wet! 

    Me uuh what Masis ?  xd 

    1. CMO Joel Denning

      CMO Joel Denning

      hahaha typical @Masis quote XD

  11. Change to the scrapping laws

    Can we discuss here the fact to see if the police laws need to be changed and not discus the PCC. Also i will ask to refrain using the salt comment. @YoCo feels that there is a need to change some of the scrapping rule. he has the full right to it. so i want to see now only comments of discussing the fact why it will be good or not a good idea to change these. so no discussing what happened in the PCC that got dealt with by police command.
  12. RPUK CSGO Players!

    Scream is it you ? ;o