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  1. So was this a one time thing you did ?
  2. Whats your intentions here now, Cause your not giving much details here. Why did you combatlog? Why did you think it was justified?
  3. how will you assure us? did you already apologize towards the person you insulted?
  4. Lying does not get you anywhere, You lied already once to us, how can we be sure this wont happen again?
  5. very strange when you get memory loss a day after you got banned... Im gonna make it very simple here, im gonna give you one chance to come forward with us. be honest what you did, And give a damn good reason why you thought it was justified to do this.?
  6. The steamid you gave us, is that a account of yours? cause its not in our system. but the account exist.
  7. You did not notice you were being shot at?
  8. Is this something you regular do, when under e certain stress?
  9. Why trying to denied it, instead of coming forward and be mature about it?
  10. Stavik told you to come back when you can be more honest, So what has changed this time?
  11. Why did you think it was needed to call someone names, and breaking roleplay on the twitter fucntion?
  12. By this agreement, you have been unbanned. Make sure to read the rules before jumping on. UNBANNED.
  13. You had five 1 day bans, Did you not realise after the first ban you should follow rules? Why should give someone a chance that clearly cant or doe snot want to follow our rules?
  14. can you find me the rule you broke, and explain this in your own words?
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