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  1. (I'm posting this for Ron Diesel since his forum account is currently suspended) Plans for a money transportation to the RBA international reserve has gone public! We do not have much information on the route or the specifics of the vehicle, the amount of people escorting it. But we do know that it will be moving through all the major cities on Altis collecting money bags to store in the international reserve! (Insert map of altis with crosses on Kav, Agios and Athira) The money transport will be using a van with a small escort team, if you wish to try and rob it! Jump on 8/5 during the 16-20 restart
  2. I know it's not a Rook It's a 45, is this good enough to get me an invite?
  3. i couldn't agree with you more about this recommendation i met Senna and Hopeless tonight while they were chasing me and i crashed into a tree. They listened to my RP story and went along with it. There was professionalism and fun roleplay from them both, well deserved and well done.
  4. Dude it was fun and thank you for the reccomendation.
  5. 49 half way to 100 i rest my case

    1. ShaunLAD


      Was part of the IQ jke.. nvm 

  6. actually i'm 49 the same as your IQ level

    1. Naylor The Gamer

      Naylor The Gamer

      😂😂 Fucking brilliant!

    2. Sgt Steve

      Sgt Steve

      Salv just showing how much of an IQ he has by reacting to something i posted a few weeks ago.

    3. Sgt Steve

      Sgt Steve

      guess it takes that long for his brain to process the information

  7. When you go i agree

  8. Take the report down not intrested anymore.
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