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  1. ok adam thats nice
  2. gently roast for 1 - 2 hours
  3. i feel like watching this has put me on a list somewhere
  4. Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter
  5. Agios PD looks so nice, wish near all the map had that look and feel about it.

    1. Wilco


      @The Fiddler So do I, however, unless BIS employs me and allows me to recreate the default Altis map... its not going to happen ;)

    2. Ollie_


      Not been there yet, might have a look later.

  6. server 2 please put it up pls

  7. No, no I did not.
  8. I have huge issues with my game as literally anybody I patrol with can testify too. Also for the past week I've had this horrible illness that also other people can testify too, and so sometimes I join the server with the goal to patrol but often after about a minute decide it's not worth too patrol with and just log off.
  9. The rule is "(4.7) Using out of game communications to encourage other players to log on and sway the result of an event or roleplay situation is forbidden. Similarly, joining the server using metagamed information is forbidden. (Punishment is a ban)", specifically the whole "encourage other players to log on". I'll explain the whole situation here. There was I believe 4 people on server 2, we were all on a patrol together and at the time there was 2 robberies at different fuel stations that had just started. Me and another guy went to Stadium fuel whilst another went to Telos fuel. From what I remember the unit at Telos fuel got rdm'd and 1 officer was down, obviously we turned around to head back up to Telos. I at that time radio'd for back-up using only the server 2 whispers. The server 2 whispers only obviously work for people already connected to the teamspeak and in a server 2 patrol room of which there was one other officer, he was already connecting quite obviously as I doubt he was just sitting in a patrol channel for no other reason than to log-on to server. I, at no point told him to log on as I had no clue he wasn't in-game already. I just told him there was a gunfight at Telos fuel and he was to respond. I've broken not a single server rule here, I was in a gunfight and I asked for back-up by whispering to all and only server 2 patrol channels. I can't be held responsible because information I give out to a select few channels is then used by a person who then decides to log-on. I'd also like to make it clear I'm not in that video. He is talking about a situation involving me for about 5 seconds. An out of context clip and I think for me to get banned for that is just ridiculous as I have yet to be banned in over a year and would like to keep it that way.
  10. Please don't :( I asked for back-up using just server 2 whispers, guy who I asked backup from was the only other unit on the server, I wasn't aware he wasn't actually connected to the server. Wasn't asking him to log-on to help the gunfight, he was already in the process of logging on when the gunfight started.
  11. I can play :D Got 3 characters atm, currently playing mostly as the warden as a tank. UserID is Cainsiderate if you wanna add me.
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    2. Hobbs


      Oh its a trial copy :(


      Or is it, you get the full game then two extra trial copys?


    3. The Fiddler

      The Fiddler

      is a trial :(

      i already had the game so didn't claim

    4. Droge Worst

      Droge Worst

      U sure it's a trail? Cause I think you get trail codes, when you redeem this code, alongside the game.

  12. no from me, tanoa failed due to the economy and I don't want malden to do the same
  13. It's Happening!
  14. oh fine guess im not a dsgt anymore i see how it is