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  1. A fake sneeze on its own not at all and although I think I roleplayed after, I should've spoke a lot more before taking any actions.
  2. I don't really remember and could be misremebering this scenario but I do know both Wicker and Wizard Dwarf Munchkin for their constant theft of police vehicles, sometimes my own, and they were trying to steal my vehicle when I knocked out/tasered them with a lack of "high quality roleplay". I believe I still roleplayed though just not with the standard "stop or tase" which I've heard so many times and so have these people.
  3. In-game Name Dean Cain Steam ID 76561198062679717 The date of your ban. 02/08/19 Member of the team that banned you. Gordon Reason given for your ban. 2.7 - Trolling The Server you initially were banned on. Server 1 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. I think it was because of my abuse of spike-strips to send a tractor driven by some friends flying up high into the air. This could look malicious and like I had an intent of trolling and it was not something I should have been doing. I believe I did it 3-4 times. I could be m
  4. +1 my house can't be robbed because a rabbit opened the door anymore because I don't own a house
  5. The Fiddler

    Foxhole 40% Off

    Yeah haha, I still play it a lot though. If anyone is ever playing it on warden side my IGN is Cainsiderate, Maj. rank and you'll probably see me a lot
  6. The Fiddler


    someone please tell me how the FUCK does a RMBK REACTOR EXPLODE? IT CAN'T HAPPEN
  7. High quality farmer roleplay coming soon
  8. The only people I see doing drug runs not in poseidon lands are just new players in box trucks, so +1
  9. I've been playing it loads recently. Such a better game that it was at launch. XBOX GT is: CoolCain10 if ya wanna add me.
  10. As it currently is when you rob a gas station, you have to stay close to the register for 5 minutes before all the money is given to you. I'm suggesting a change where after you select to rob a gas station you start to steal money in small increments for a maximum of 5 minutes, for example if the gas station has 125k inside you would steal around £2080 every 5 second for 5 minutes. (£2080 x 300 seconds = 125k) I think this would allow for more roleplay opportunities with people able to leave and attempt a getaway whenever instead of having to awkwardly delay for a few minutes which could
  11. Don't quite understand what rule was broken here or for what reason myself and the PCSO Enza are being reported for. EDIT: I suppose you could say this is a PCC issue with an officer failing to do his duty except I didn't neglect the hostage and did what I could against about 5 armed rebels with me and my PCSO both underequipped for combat, the hostage was even let go a short while after the clip ends. Anyway, "cops being buddy buddy with them throughout the whole deal." I don't think you quite understand a hostage situation/negotiation role, what else are we supposed to do when we're hopel
  12. If only it was a dlc like the otheres, could be driving around one of these Or this AHHHHH
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