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  1. When night falls and duty calls


    1. Will Boston

      Will Boston

      Mandingo on the case

  2. What's everyone up to these days then? 


    Photo from a body recovery operation in the mountains yesterday afternoon


    1. Yello


      so its you that i follow on ig

    2. Tommy Shelby

      Tommy Shelby

      😂😂 I guess it must be🤣

  3. Got a lil' wet yesterday 


    1. John Fletcher

      John Fletcher

      Looks dry to me

    2. Tiger Jiggins

      Tiger Jiggins

      New and improved shag pad by the looks of things, throwback to 2k17

  4. Fair enough I've seen some entertaining unban appeals but once again the community never fails to amuse me🤣

    1. Wilco


      I gave up watching TV many years ago.... some might say a new source of shit entertainment came along

    2. Tommy Shelby

      Tommy Shelby

      You can give up the history books too currently 😂

  5. I agree, well, people robbed, BUT, think they focused on robbing illegal runs more, lot of new players who don't care about that sort of thing now I see a lot of face palms but I can see why this would be beneficial..... if it were the police that were voting... Now obviously there would be 'if you vote for me then ill promote you' or voting for mates etc but theres nothing you can do about that. On one hand you could say 'well we'd rather the same people as they've been elected' but what happens when the same people stay in power? Often nothing changes. I think
  6. I understand what you're saying here to some extent, but I don't think there are many or potentially any solutions to this, unless you get yourself in a group with people who can provide protection. Unless you make a robbing rule I don't think thats something Wilco or the staff can change, if you aren't out making money doing runs you're most likely robbing people. I think in 3 years of playing I've been robbed less than 10 times, mainly due to being in TCK or the UNMC
  7. This is more of an 'outsider' comment as ive only been on a few times recently but maybe some of what I say shall be useful. I'd say maybe remove Poseidon or maybe try and implement the UNMC again, I really don't know what it is exactly but the UNMC seemed to provide more to the server than Poseidon does however, that may purely be down to the lack of players now in comparison to how full it used to be, perhaps it was the the leaders of the faction that made it how it was.. Maybe the server doesn't need a whitelisted 'rebel' faction, maybe make a system where a gang can take
  8. When I say restriction I don't mean a 'youll be banned if you do this' I mean its more of a police should be urged to not use weapons on people who aren't a threat so quickly
  9. if they have a weapon on their back then by all means tase them but if you haven't got anything but a pistol and haven't threatened then I don't see why a taser is always the go to option
  10. I'm not 100% sure what the police ROA for tasers are, but from recent experiences I can assume, but I think there should be some 'restrictions' put in place. My suggestion is that UNLESS threatened or being abusive in a threatening manner a taser cannot be deployed. (also applies to rubbers) Too often i've ran from the police, not due to having a weapon or being threatening, and i've simply been tazed and restrained. I think police should only be allowed to knock you out if you run, this can be to simulate a police officer chasing you and 'tackling' you to the ground and
  11. Cheeky trip to Barry Dock RNLI 


  12. Terrible quality but here's what I do - some 5 to 6 meter swells a couple months back - #SavingLivesCreatingFutures


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    2. TBigSoul


      You part of the NSRI?

      What station do you work from?

    3. Tommy Shelby

      Tommy Shelby

      Station 17 Hermanus mate

    4. TBigSoul


      Awesome,going to Hermanus in the September holiday.

      Keep on doing what you do man!

  13. Thanks steal my content Geordie jumpah @Wilco, apologies if I'm not allowed to tag you, can you confirm something for me please. Assume we were to have a full server reset at 00:00 tomorrow, is there a way to save and make a backup of everybody's current server state, money, vehicles licence etc? I ask this because hypothetically if there were a full server reset, and you could back up everything, after say a month if the majority of people weren't happy about it, you could simply put everything back to the old server state? This way there's no rea
  14. I'll be honest for a few sentences I was thinking 'how tf is this a good idea' but then it made sense and a big +1
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