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  1. Moved on from gaming a couple years ago but sad to see the arma side gone, had many hours of laughter on the server, @SALVi'm glad to see you're still on the leader boards
  2. When night falls and duty calls


    1. Will Boston

      Will Boston

      Mandingo on the case

  3. What's everyone up to these days then? 


    Photo from a body recovery operation in the mountains yesterday afternoon


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      so its you that i follow on ig

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      Tommy Shelby

      😂😂 I guess it must be🤣

  4. Got a lil' wet yesterday 


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      Looks dry to me

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      Tiger Jiggins

      New and improved shag pad by the looks of things, throwback to 2k17

  5. Fair enough I've seen some entertaining unban appeals but once again the community never fails to amuse me🤣

    1. Wilco


      I gave up watching TV many years ago.... some might say a new source of shit entertainment came along

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      Tommy Shelby

      You can give up the history books too currently 😂

  6. I agree, well, people robbed, BUT, think they focused on robbing illegal runs more, lot of new players who don't care about that sort of thing now I see a lot of face palms but I can see why this would be beneficial..... if it were the police that were voting... Now obviously there would be 'if you vote for me then ill promote you' or voting for mates etc but theres nothing you can do about that. On one hand you could say 'well we'd rather the same people as they've been elected' but what happens when the same people stay in power? Often nothing changes. I think this would be hugely beneficial. Its obvious that you can become 'blind' when youre a high rank, you have all the privileges to do essentially what you like but dont see the game as a lower rank, sometimes you need new people to be put in power in order to shine a new light on issues. Problem is if you've been a CC for ages you aren't going to be aware of the issues that other cops face. You might listen to others opinions but that doesn't mean youre going to change them. All ive seen is high ranks making more specialised units which creates a divide between those within the 'friendship' group and those who are playing as a PC. Do you really need undercover for instance? No. It's fun, 100% and can be used in RP, but in reality its a bit of enjoyment for few and not the many. Theres nothing to say that people cannot re-elect the previous commanders either, allow police to vote also. If they feel change is needed, vote someone else, if they are happy then they shall be re-elected. It adds balance to the police, some people want to be real police officers and so rather realism over a fun and enjoyable player experience, some prefer an enjoyable experience. This allows people to choose what they want and prefer. I think a change in leadership every now and then is good. Like now, Wilco has accepted we need change and is willing to listen to everyone. Not accepting change is one way to never improve the situation. Big +1 but i think its more important that the entire police force get a vote rather than rebels, as rebels don't know the issues within the police at that moment in time
  7. I understand what you're saying here to some extent, but I don't think there are many or potentially any solutions to this, unless you get yourself in a group with people who can provide protection. Unless you make a robbing rule I don't think thats something Wilco or the staff can change, if you aren't out making money doing runs you're most likely robbing people. I think in 3 years of playing I've been robbed less than 10 times, mainly due to being in TCK or the UNMC
  8. This is more of an 'outsider' comment as ive only been on a few times recently but maybe some of what I say shall be useful. I'd say maybe remove Poseidon or maybe try and implement the UNMC again, I really don't know what it is exactly but the UNMC seemed to provide more to the server than Poseidon does however, that may purely be down to the lack of players now in comparison to how full it used to be, perhaps it was the the leaders of the faction that made it how it was.. Maybe the server doesn't need a whitelisted 'rebel' faction, maybe make a system where a gang can take over the 'non-queensland' areas etc Or maybe remove a whitelisted faction until rebel and police numbers rise, then carefully re-design and then re-establish a whitelisted faction, im going to be back in South Africa in a couple of weeks but im more than happy to re do some proper Google docs to revamp a white listed faction after rebel life gets a new sprout of life. Get rid of NHS they are useless. Obviously a joke... To increase police numbers and activity - Im not sure if this is still a problem, it was a couple of years ago, you have to somehow remove the 'friendship group' side of things. Maybe have a non-bias staff member who is able to change things within the police if they deem necessary, example of this - when I was an active player a couple of years ago, Armed Response were a complete friendship group, spectre or whatever the undercover group was friendship group, NCA seemed to be more of an ' all inclusive' unit. Essentially most people want a shot at being in a specialised unit, so make it so police unit leaders HAVE to give more people a chance at being in a unit. Add a time limit, every 3 months members change, giving people a chance. Not sure if thats something staff can help with or whether its purely down to cops but if you want people to enjoy the police you need to give people fair opportunity, theres nothing cool about trying to be secretive about a secret unit within an RP game (this may not be the case anymore just speaking from the last time I used to play intensely) Even if you just remove all the new mi5 stuff and undercover etc, have it like it used to be. Cops are cops. Nornal, Npas, AR, NCA and RTU, no need to for a big group to be plain clothed and ignoring all the regular guys. I was making a specialised unit in the UNMC (unmc got removed shortly after) but I gave people who I'd never really spoken to a FAIR opportunity to try and get in. Police ranking - this is one thing that I found quite irritating, again THIS MAYBE FIXED NOW, I'm not sure, people need to be given rank and responsibility through ability, there are PCs and SGTs who are way more capable than some other high ranks when it comes to RP and leadership, ive noticed this a lot the other week, promote people because of their capabilities rather than how long they've been an officer for. I've seen INS+ who couldn't lead a dog to a steak and PCs who could easily plan a whole RP orientated operation, but aren't allowed too due to being a low rank. Again these points might be irrelevant now so if so my apologies. Weapon prices - If youre a new player this is a real pain in the arse but then again 5.56 weapons are not that expensive so I think when it comes to 7.62 caliber either reduce the prices for rebels or increase the price for Poseidon. With police make it so regardless of rank you have a 5.56, then specialist units get the higher calibers although I know that the different weapon choices are obviously one of the only reasons you'd want a promotion.. Not sure how you can deal with making it 'fair' when it comes to rebel and police. Money making runs - Centralise more of the runs to one area for now, with the limited number of players actually playing and with the runs being utilised spread all over the map, you end up with little interaction between players because everyone is so spread out. Move the popular runs closer to each other and make weed more profitable in queensland. The best action you would get back in the day was the weed run by altis news to the dealer near kavala, id say police, rebel and UNMC all enjoyed it, copper runs etc were also in the same area and were quite active. Make runs more likely to result in police intervention, I used to find it SO boring when I could do 10 runs without being caught, what I did enjoy was doing meth runs and having to pretend i was doing something else and having to RP at the weed processor for an hour in order to get the whole of TCK processed etc. And lets not pretend that people don't want gunfight, everyone bought arma to play on a milsim game originally. I used to enjoy making rp docs, saying the weed was used for Avon lipstick @SALV will remember, it was enjoyable and worth the effort, but theres 0 point if there's nobody to try and prevent my run. Old players and unbans - I'm 20 now, I started playing rpuk when I was 16 I think, like everyone who I used to play with back then, we are all 4 years older. Many people are in full time jobs, university etc and just don't have the time to play, or don't have the time to bother with a lengthy unban process. I think theres should be some kind of mass unban, but a no shit taking one. If someone comes back and blatantly takes the piss, ban them, they're done. But so many people have matured from then. A lot of gangs chose to get themselves blanket banned due to boredom, maybe another chance would benefit the servers numbers. Yeah there will be some rdms etc, nothing that cannot be fixed. When it comes to unban appeals themselves, if you're going to ask somebody 5 questions, ask them in one reply, don't ask one question per reply and then take 5 days to reply inbetween. I got perm unbanned in 1 day because I assumed all of the questions that would be asked and answered them in my appeal but everyone is different. You can tell by how long this response is, i dont mind writing a lot and don't mind explaining myself. Some people don't like / find it easy too. Especially if English isn't their first language. So essentially ask any questions that you want to ask straight away and don't be vague with what you want. If you want an answer to X, then ask X, don't ask Y Z and Q, don't ask people to write which rule they broke, all they do is copy and paste it and type the obligatory 'I know understand that what I did was wrong blah blah blah'. Deffo consider the 1-14 day ban I think that could work well. Map utilisation - Dont try as hard to spread players all over the map, try and draw more players to a smaller area, kavala and agios and the 'countryside' in between used to always be busy but kavala seems to be the old Athira, I think try and move more of the high activity runs / activities back to the centre. I think people see empty map space and automatically think that it needs to be filled, I don't think thats true. I think we need to accept that some areas of the map are OK to be empty, in the old days when UNMC had a small bit of land and there was barely anything from the border until pygros, that worked. I used to think it would be better if the unmc had more land to control but all that really means is less players per smaller area. Also use the rule of 'dont fix it if it ain't broken' Changing faction. Maybe allow police to interchange between rebel and police but only once a day, e.g if you log in as a cop then you can only play as a police officer until the next day, this would prevent being a rebel and then seeing 'plebs are doing a bank job' so I'll hop on to my AR patrol etc. There were many times I wanted to go back to being a rebel just for a bit and vice versa with being in the police. Maybe make it so you're classified as a 'reservist', whilst being a reservist you have restrictions, maybe you aren't able to join a specialised unit, cannot go above SGT rank etc? Prevents high ranks having privilege and being able to be a rebel. This gives you a privilege, being able to choose rebel one day and police another, but sacrifices your ability to gain a high rank within the police. Also if you're a reservist playing a police officer doesn't give you any extra cash etc? I think this could be useful, I know people who were bored of being a cop but didn't want to permanently be a rebel, so instead of leaving the police and getting blacklisted they simply just played a lot less, eventually bringing numbers down. Time of day and runs. Now I can see the negatives of what I'm about to say, I'm not 100% sure on whether the positives would out-weigh the negatives but food for thought... We all know that until 4pm+ the server is mainly empty, this has ALWAYS been a problem due to people are busy during the day, but equally some people just decide not to go on due to it being so quiet. Ive had times where i could've played in the earlier hours but couldn't be arsed because there were only 20 people online. Perhaps between the 6am till 4pm restart certain runs provide better profit? It could encourage those that are able to come on but cant be bothered due to low numbers to come on, thus increasing server population, then, even if people don't bother doing the runs, they'll likely stay on because there are more people to interact with? A controversial one but hey that's what makes life interesting right? There is the option for a server 'wipe'. Benefits: - allows new players to start fresh with others, get a foot in the ladder. - potentially brings older players back to have a fresh start, play for years and then you end up with nothing to do. -gives people a reason to do runs, who needs to do runs when you have 50+ mil - Makes people do more than just rob, this may make more issues clearer due to more people being active, resulting in more solutions - Attracts those from other servers to give rpuk a go, potentially results in entire gangs coming across from other servers thus increased population and potential new ideas. We all know other RP servers exist, so why not try and attract them, even try and bring back those who left RPUK for Reborn, they only left for a change, now IMO reborn is nowhere near as good a server, the rules aren't strict enough to make it enjoyable, this server is, so try and attract those that once played here. - Restarts the economy, people may have a different play style etc. - Everything can be backed up... If after a month people aren't happy, revert back to previous mission file /database, nobody loses anything but a bit of time, we have to risk sacrifices in order to improve a situation. Negatives: -people have spent a lot of time making money, many of which don't even play here anymore. But whats the point if you're going to just sit with 50 mil in the bank and not use it? Whole point of the game is to have fun. Sure I'll think of more so I'll just keep editing. One huge thing regarding bans is being banned for 'being present and not trying to stop it'. E.G. You're in TS and your mate is blatantly doing something wrong, this could be RDM, exploiting etc. Now here is my 'issue' - nobody likes to get their mate in shit... Lets take a real life example. your mate is cheating on his girlfriend. You know it's bad, you want to say something, feel you should say something, BUT you know you'll probably lose your best mate, now realistically what are you going to do.. Risk losing your mate, only for them to break up and get back together, leaving you still without your mate, or just act as if it isn't happening and don't involve yourself? Reality is unless you're witnessing somebody hacking or endangering another member I think it's unfair to expect people to 'rat' on their mates when they aren't involved.
  9. Cheeky trip to Barry Dock RNLI 


  10. Terrible quality but here's what I do - some 5 to 6 meter swells a couple months back - #SavingLivesCreatingFutures


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      Awesome,going to Hermanus in the September holiday.

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  11. Thanks steal my content Geordie jumpah @Wilco, apologies if I'm not allowed to tag you, can you confirm something for me please. Assume we were to have a full server reset at 00:00 tomorrow, is there a way to save and make a backup of everybody's current server state, money, vehicles licence etc? I ask this because hypothetically if there were a full server reset, and you could back up everything, after say a month if the majority of people weren't happy about it, you could simply put everything back to the old server state? This way there's no real loss, either the reset boosts rebel life again, or people aren't happy and we arw back to square one.
  12. It makes those who have little money value gear but when you have players and gangs with tonnes of money it doesn't change a thing for them.
  13. Exactly, the issue is also that there are so many player and gangs that have so much money that doing runs aren't necessary, that's when all you have is new players being robbed of their only truck, which creates utter boredom. It needs to be a high risk doing illegal runs, otherwise what's the point. From buying cheap and robbing I think I went 3 or 4 months without doing any runs as I didn't need too. I dont think theres much that the dev team can actually do to 'make things more interesting' without the use of mods which understandably won't be happening.
  14. The issue is this is vanilla arma, giving rebels new runs is boring, its the same old same old, unless bohemia release a new DLC with different civilian additions there's nothing new for rebels to do. I know many people who had so much money that litterally only came on if they thought a gunfight would occur, or would tag along on runs to sit on a hill 1km away to give fire support. Also, I'm not calling you a liar but can you give any actual named examples where this has happened? Remember RPUK is probably the most well known vanilla arma RP server so I doubt for a second it would kill the server. I know many many people who left because they had nothing new to do, they didn't need to do runs and making new ones wouldn't change it.
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