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CI Wolfy

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  1. Nothing wrong with Red, No matter the substance.

  2. LOL:


    1. CI Wolfy

      CI Wolfy

      Welp, Sausage, apparently you're mine now xD

  3. Sum up your Police career in 5 words: Intelligence. Shadows. Blacklisted. Rebel. Stupidity.
  4. VTS Vs Gods?
  5. Some people's logic is completely flawed. Label us like terrorists and we will act like terrorists until you stop labelling us as terrorists! while terroristgroup = True; terroristgroup = terroristgroup + terrorist act IF terroristgroup < rebelGang; terroristgroup = False Else; return terroristgroup Looks like we have a continuous loop of "logic" here! @Samatlewis
  6. Not fair you asked food not brand ;) im guessing rice crispies
  7. You want to get into the thick and thin quick? UNMC. You want to spend a lot of time working towards a higher rank, and to pass the Academy process knowing more than you previously did about the server and the police in general? Police.
  8. My Hunters, imma fire those who loose them ;-;
  9. Hmmm :D @VikRambo @Weasley Wells @Mark Watney Might aswell add @Archie although he's not on much ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Does Mathias even have a forum account?
  10. Cereal
  11. So this is why medics always end up with damaged tail rotters when coming to revive my fellow officers.
  12. Yay. Time to go on my Police holiday, I want no part in the stupid events that have taken place recently. I can't even go on the server as an officer and have fun with civilians anymore ;-;
  13. Correction. He's resorted to having common sense. Its a game These PCSOs are in training. How can anyone have fun when all you're doing is killing them. As if the Training process wasn't hard enough they have to deal with extremists who think that they have all the control on the island. I'd like to go on and actually have fun, instead of being either shot at or taken hostage through poor roleplay. It's a game, why are people being so serious about this. Honestly just get over yourselves, this goes for everyone.