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  1. Hi, I’m sure that previously, if you were too far from the fuel pump when refuelling a heli, you got a message telling you that no vehicle was found nearby. Now, (at least on the vehicles/locations I’ve tried) the fuelling animation displays including the confirmation message at the end, but no additional fuel is in the heli. This is repeatable at Police Special Ops fuel in an NHS Orca, I haven’t tried or experienced issues at any other location or with any other vehicle. Happy to do some testing if you wish? I have GoPro footage of this happening or can record fresh footage if you wish.
  2. Do I get any payout or tags for being the first medic killed and no revives? Thought it was a bit harsh the AC-130 was killing medics just trying to GET TO THE zone (not even in it) to help people! Unarmed medics! But hay, it was entertaining
  3. Zulufighter showing off his new RIR Hi-Vis jacket 🙂 Congrats on Tier 2 man!


    1. Zulufighter


      Cheers Koromiko!

  4. EbGxkzeWsAAdX5s?format=jpg&name=large

    3 members of Air Rescue get ready for patrol...

  5. Yeah I was How does it work? Thanks
  6. In account settings on my forum profile, when I try and link my twitter account, it says “There was an error. Please try again”. That’s all I ever get
  7. @Zulufighter is a great example to us medics. Rightfully a MTO responsible for training and mentoring student medics. Kudos for recognising him
  8. Koromiko

    MH-9 Club Camo

    Nowhere near as boring when I see you getting roasted on here Keep up the ‘entertainment’ @Wicker
  9. Do you like to watch RP when you're not awake on Altis? Why not check out my twitch stream....


  10. Heli hobo's knocking me down.... 


    Thank you to the kind Police officer who picked me up!

  11. Koromiko

    MH-9 Club Camo

    that’s made my day
  12. I’m not really a fragger and tend to avoid red zones which currently cover the capture points. That said, the effort and work that’s gone/going in here is brilliant. It’s clearly something that the community wants and has some great ideas on. And the fact you’re listening, developing and implementing them is what makes this place great. I think the changes will have a positive impact on the recent dip in numbers on the server I’ve voted on the questions and will leave the specific suggestions to those who use these areas more.
  13. 😄

    1. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      Do you like the video I made with the Taru too!

    2. Koromiko
  14. Koromiko

    MH-9 Club Camo

    Great work, love the designs and would like to see more when you’ve the time and inclination!
  15. Def in two minds about this. The DMT does provide a place near Kav and although it's not marked, that's actually a bonus I reckon. I can remember a few years back when we had an official helipad and air garage near the main Kav garage. The constent noise, crashes, low flying and disruption from the helis and jets was annoying, which I think is why it was removed and there's not been an offical Kav 'airpad' since. As a result, the airport was developed more and it became a new 'hub' for RP. Maybe it's time to try a landing zone close to Kav again, far enough out so as not to cause too much disruption but close enough to be useful, with a ground veh garage too, so that having landed outside the town, you can get in to Kav without walking/running. +1 for a trial to see how it goes. Kav is a lot quieter these days than it used to be.
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