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  1. (2.9) Trading - Roleplay UK does not condone any sort of real life to ingame trading or vice versa. This is due to the fact that we do not want to be looking like a commercial entity, or any of our members for that case. You are free to donate on behalf of a member as an act of kindness, but not in return for an item. Bad Example: “Whoever wants donator send me 2 million in cash.” Exception: “I am having a cross Altis race, winner will receive a free donator package for one month!” (Please authorise with a staff member if you wish to do this, or we may see it as a breach of this rule (2.9).). so No.
  2. So what are you going to do for me, a civil servant?
  3. Well you cannot force officers to join a certain server.
  4. I believe command do a good job to make people active by giving out rewards, however I think the problem is getting a lot of cops to make the initial jump to S2 because its very hard to police server 2 as there are a lot of rebel gangs who role around in large number and low numbers of cops and therefore there is nothing we can do to stop them as it would be not valuing our lives to try and take them on.
  5. Thanks man, your RP was great as well, it was nice to you have good roleplay all the way up until sending you to prison. Hopefully I see you in game again!
  6. Hope everyone in London is ok! Stay safe!

  7. good luck all!
  8. Rather us then them yeah.
  9. Yes, but when 3 of the 10 officers online are CSOs and no way to defend themselves it is very hard to retake the HM compound, as previously said I see a lot of officers no longer attending a HM because well what's the point? We will most likely be outnumbered and outgunned and I don't think it will be fun just turning up to get killed. This new rule makes it way too easy for larger groups of rebels to get a lot of gold and therefore money.
  10. Not sure why this is here, staff please delete - Thanks!
  11. Yeah I agree that it is a very hard think to monitor and enforce however any party will simply claim that they just came on to play then it called to help with the situation.
  12. What about when gang members hop on because they are in a gunfight with the police ?
  13. I agree with this, some officers don't know how to compromise and feel like they must take the weapon in every situation, which then leads to huge gunfights.
  14. We do care, however it is very hard for use to take guns of a large group of people as it will most likely turn into a gunfight and when there are little units on it makes it even harder. We have to access every situation and see how likely it is that we come out successful and if it seems really unlikely then there is no point trying as we will probably all get killed.