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  1. Thank you kindly I had a lot of fun too and I appreciate that we had some good laughs. You guys had some very good role-play too... Although I can't imagine my REAL husband, @DCC Reminissions will be too happy once he finds out...
  2. Old Athira Constab If I remember right, this is from when Xsum got promoted UNMC Strider
  3. @Phoenix_025 We ate too many crumpets. The SUV couldn't handle our weight anymore so it decided to take matters into its own hands...
  4. Peppy Penguins Hattery appreciates your patronage Don't forget to use discount code PENGUINSARESUPERDUPERAWESOME for 50% off your next purchase!
  5. We need to do this more often Must give a big kudos to @ACC Reminissions
  6. @KittensMontanaOrion I’m very sorry but I’m not sure if I can add anything concrete to help resolve this, but I will tell you how the situation was from my perspective. I hope it may be of some help. Although no one was being aggressive, I did feel that the situation was quite tense as it was evident that Poseidon was trying to keep hold of the downed man. I was trying my best to keep him safe while Steve was getting everyone’s statements and so I stayed with him the whole time. His friends came just in the nick of time - I believe Poseidon were distracted - which meant that I
  7. This is so awesome! It was a really good read and looking forward to seeing more
  8. I love the amount of detail and effort that went into this. It was very nice! Hope to see more
  9. Thanks to you too, it was a good laugh
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