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  1. Low effort suggestion but could help BACK TO BASICS Have you considered removing a few runs from the server, perhaps even complicated stuff as the factory (I know a lot of time was put into it). Positives are listed below: Simplify the experience for new players Less runs = more chance to run into people doing the same run as you Robbers don't have to scout the entire island to find someone to rob (RP) Police/Poseidon won't have to scout large areas to find people doing drugs ... a lot of the positives are self explanatory; to sum it up, it increases i
  2. 12a2d87afddd61dbdb572e7a9f8a089a.jpg


    Going through my old websites to remember that I almost finished these two before the API was taken down 😢

    1. Norman


      RPUK Public API 2017-2018 

      Forever in our hearts

    2. Ji


      merry christmas plankton

  3. Battlefield 3 key (origin):


  4. RASTACLAT music 

    1. Ant


      Gonna keep popping this stuff up on RPUK till I get told off

  5. Jamming jamming jamming

    1. Ant


      If someone can recommend a decent affordable mic that would be well appreciated! 🙂

  6. https://www.twitch.tv/unwelcome_company chilling with the guitar again 🙂

    1. Wilco


      offline 👎

    2. Ant


      I think I'll do it fairly often so feel free to join the next one, just a casual jam don't expect much 🙄

  7. Bored so jamming on the guitar if anyone's interested, nothing serious


    1. Ant


      Thanks to those who joined for a little I know the streaming quality was terrible

    2. Norman


      Where's the video! 

  8. 2019: "No chance decamp script will EVER, ever be removed!"

    2020: 2dc7254b1f891038934e368b30f84c70.png


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Bob Wilkinson
    3. Haywire


      Redzone montages wtffff

      Things have changed since 2014

    4. Vlad Vagin

      Vlad Vagin

      handz up or die

  9. Oliver

    So ant, when's this rainbow 6 torno happenin eh 🤣

    1. Ant


      Just finishing up talks with lucazade for a sponsorship, I know it’s one of the most awaited for events on this community but I’m a busy man 


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    2. Wilco


      @Coco banter is between friends, what you post here on the forums is viewable to not just every member but the entire internet.

      A comment like that about a country is not welcome, if you or him just see that as banter then I don’t feel you should have the right to post here let alone be a member.



    3. Weiss Triton

      Weiss Triton

      WIlco, Kavala bridge, 8pm restart, 1vs1, lets av it


    4. Malfang


      Winner gets the King of altis page on the forum ye?

  11. The server doesn't recognise you as being in the zone if you're in a vehicle (you don't come up on the list of people in the zone on the left if you're in a vehicle either)
  12. Wilco

    4 years!!!

    1. M


      Give him The Community Trophy for his stats page

    2. Wilco


      @M you misunderstand what that trophy is for.

      Xsum started a crowdfunder to replace a members PC as they could not afford it as there job was looking after someone who was very ill

      Drex gave up his own time to assist someone so they could be part of the forums who has issues reading and typing

      There will be further trophies in the future for different reasons don't worry

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