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  1. Where can I find the compensation page ?

    1. Smith
    2. muthay


      But there was like a page with all the prices for all the stuff you can bun


    3. Adam Wes
  2. Servers ip ? Because those that I have are not working

    1. JohnJoeegan


      All the information you need is here - > https://www.roleplay.co.uk/servers

    2. muthay


      Tried that. "Server is not responding."

    3. Wilco


      Thats what steam says for most servers, Actually press connect or use s1.roleplay.co.uk / s2.roleplay.co.uk or s3.roleplay.co.uk in the direct connect on arma.

  3. Are the servers down ?

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    2. D Man

      D Man

      They just restarted

    3. muthay


      I am aware of that but still not finding them :c


    4. D Man

      D Man

      Weird. Try filtering for "roleplay.co.uk" and restarting your game

  4. Where should I report police officers?
    "Player report" or there is something else for the Police ?

    1. TomTheDoge



      Make sure to follow the format which is found here: 


    2. muthay
    3. DSGT Fergus

      DSGT Fergus

      There is a PCC (Police Complaints Commission). Make sure you have video evidence of who you are reporting and to resolve it on teamspeak first.

  5. Strange things happen, arrested by the cops 5 minutes ago, they took me to the front door of the jail and when they pulled me out of the car I wasn't in cuffs anymore, and after that they handcuffed me again and when i got up from the knockout I still wasn't handcuffed. So @Dainielthe cop that arrested me.

    1. Capt C

      Capt C

      sometimes when you are in cuffs for a long time, or someone VDMs you, or when the officer who restrained you dies, you become unrestrained. 

      If this happens, within RP you are still in cuffs so just stand there and place your hands on your head.

  6. What is all of this not cool stuff that cops can send cars to be scrapped from anywhere on the map at anytime ? Shouldn't they have like a limit or something to how many cars they can send to be scrapped or this is just a way that they can make lots of money without doing such great things ?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. muthay


      Yes, I am sure that they are scrapping them and not "impounding" them, I know the difference between the two.
      Even in chat it says, X scrapping Xs car,  Xs car was scrapped by X.

    3. Thesoldier


      If you think wrong doing has occurred and have evidence of this, you may post a Police Complaints Commission post about it.

      If you have no evidence but are concerned, you may contact a Desk Sergeant (DSGT) in any of the constabularies on teamspeak. Voice your concerns to them and they can pass it up the command chain.

    4. muthay
  7. Gaben please, why can't I join any of the 2 servers ?

    I get "Connection failed.", but not to other servers ;C.

    Please Gaben.

    1. Ibrahim Akyildiz

      Ibrahim Akyildiz

      Dont pray for Gaben, pray for @Wilco

  8. Trying to connect to any of the 2 servers, "Connection failed." I try to connect to any other server and by some sort of black magic, works. 
    Why ?

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    2. Frank Drebin

      Frank Drebin

      I'm getting exactly the same issue for both server 1 & 2 -- it simply tells me "Connecting failed" no other information.

    3. Khal


      From my knowledge there has been alot of DDOS attacks later and filters have been placed which have blocked many countries from connecting

    4. Frank Drebin

      Frank Drebin

      I'm in the UK on Virgin Media, pretty certain  there shouldn't be a blacklist on this. I will keep trying.