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  1. Oh yea!!! Malden Life!

    It's happening!
  2. Cant Enable mic on TS - Sorted!

    At the top it should say 'Tools', click on it and then at the very bottom of the list there is 'options'. Then a window will pop up which will have many different boxes, click on 'capture'. Then there should be 2 options - 'Capture mode' and 'Capture device'. Try tweaking around with the capture device and try to select the correct one. Once you have found the correct one then just click on 'apply' and 'ok'.
  3. Video editors

    That is the right one.
  4. Video editors

    Sony vegas and adobe premiere pro are mainly for just chopping up videos and such which is very easy once you get the hang of it. After Effects is if you want to do more serious video editing.
  5. Almost weekend my friends!

    I am going to roleplay myself to death
  6. Robbery Squad

    This just seems just like normal police patrols?
  7. Computer Components!

  8. Laptop getting warm while playing

    It is most likely because you are on a laptop which dosen't have good enough cooling. A good way to make your laptop run cooler is buy buying one of these -
  9. My First RTU Patrol...

    That's a nice meme.
  10. Hello, So you wish to set-up your whisper list but don't know how? Well fear no more, as Hero is here to save the day! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alrighty, first of all let's figure out what the Whisper List is. The Whisper List is a system in place for Teamspeak which allows you to talk to other people from a diffrent channel like a radio. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So let's set it up then shall we? First of all you want to open your settings on Teamspeak to make a profile for your hotkeys. Opening your settings will be demonstrated in the picture below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now you are going to need to set-up a new hotkey profile. To do that follow the picture below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now a box will be opened and you have to name your hotkey profile. Now you will have to press the ''OK'' button near the bottom of the Options box to close the settings. So you have set-up the profile for your hotkeys and now we will be setting up the Whispers. You are going to have to open up the Whispers List which is shown in the picture below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now a box will appear on your screen and you will have to set-up a hotkey which you will be whispering with. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once you have pressed the 'New'' button then a grey box will appear, you will have to press a button which you wish to Whisper with. Example: I want to whisper with ''F10'', so i will press ''F10'' whilst the the grey box is on my screen. Once you have done that then a small box will appear asking which profile you wish to use. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Once you have done that you will have a blank box with a search box next to it. With the search box you can search for people or channels. Once you have found what you are looking for then you will have to double click on it in the small box above the search bar and it will appear in the bigger box. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Once you have finished selecting all of the things you need then you will have to just save it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now you are almost done, all you have to do now is go and select your new hotkey profile and you are ready to start whispering. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are done! Now to whisper to someone just hold down the button you selected before. In the example mine was ''F10''.
  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. KOTH

    Easy EXP...
  13. Internet Speed That's Bad?

    Here is mine. (I'm on wifi)
  14. Academy January Week #2 Statistics

    #Dislike Nice