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  1. Thats nothing! I once waited around 17 hours for an ftt (sitting in academy channel while just having pc open) Jokes aside, academy is not what it once was.. But, that is always getting worked on!
  2. Do you have anything going in the background that might spike in internet usage? (While you play) Because random spikes of ping can also get people kicked
  3. Everyone enjoying malden? I think its amazing

    1. Sau



    2. Josh0733


      @Saui can tell you only ask every time u get on lmao, how much even are they

  4. Just wanna let you know this: There has been done one RBM, and it was people that flew away in a hummingbird as soon as police arrived, because they only had to break 2 doors they had plenty of time before any cops could respond, so even though the island is small, the road to the RBM reserve is a pain
  5. Right now there is a very good chance to get the cops that talk alot (including myself) so as long as you dont do it on midnight then you should be good! Also, remember that the more creative and unique the story is, the easier we will let you go. The rp usually depends on some documents made in Google docs and also some id's made there, so dont forget those! Inshort, its not an event, you can do it when ever
  6. I am willing to do an interview once My business opens! -Ron Diesel
  7. I'd rather like to see a list of most crimes than most amount of money xD
  8. @sciencefreak74Will we also get a forum background change from Altis to Malden?
  9. Will we be flying with ugandan airlines or malden airlines?
  10. So we will keep the Savealtis flag that Nick made?
  11. i forgot malden airlines was already a thing lmao, welcome to cocaine malden airlines
  12. I actually have a question, what would be done with the whitelisted OPFOR faction? Will it still be poseidon, and if yes, how would it be changed and how would the border be handeled, and if no, what will we have instead?
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