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  1. Make this man a custom achievement or something, this is amazing. Phoenix is a man this community should always remember
  2. Unironically an actual good frag montage fili
  3. oh no, i am so scared by a hobo gang that has significantly less influence than 223 and literally any other gangs. I will scrap another of your hummingbirds Andre (Already got 2-3 of them scrapped) NCA knows the leadership that is involved with Vulcan, and so does several active police members.
  4. i think it is because rebel life has nothing for it anymore. I have never personally played rebel, but nobody does runs anymore, red zones get boring after a while. Would be nice with an event or 2 from the event team to spice rebel and poseidon up a bit. Maybe organise a gold or a money transport (Money from RBA than needs to be laundered) where police need to escort and rebels need to ambush it. Many other suggestions for events are here It is a post not much has been done with except for moving it to "under consideration" 1,5 years ago I'm saying i heard, beca
  5. If wilco lost hope, lets just do it ourselves. Its not "that hard" i think. I heard he would only pull the plug if there were no people on the altis server at all, and now there are 50 people on the server. I think main points to be taken up would be to look at all the suggestions that are under consideration. I've seen a suggestion from August 2019 (i think) that would add alot to civillian life, but it never really got looked at. So prob take a look at them and see what the community likes most Prob also includes the Crayon club
  6. I think it would be best to have a community meeting discussing the future of this
  7. @Avion SolarI think you might've posted this in the wrong section of the forums mate
  8. @TunaWanna get in the police van? I'll get you a driving license
  9. Hello peoples Im gonna sell 5 blasting charges one at a time boyos, so im gonna ask for starting bid to be 450k and bid increments to be +50k
  10. Police have way more restrictions so come to zones rarer than posiedon. So its practically mostly Poseidon vs Rebel vs Rebel
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