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  1. The Bearish Crusader

    Police Qilin

    Thats what we all said when we were at 40k kb, now we are at 70
  2. The Bearish Crusader

    Police Qilin

    Yes, but considering the fact that us police already get a ton of gear, and also to not have the mission file too big
  3. The Bearish Crusader

    Police Qilin

    I would say that if this is to be added, the prowler would have to go, or some other police vehicle.
  4. I will see if i can get my hands on some extra video, Steve told me he had some extra if it was needed
    1. Shaun King

      Shaun King

      All love ❤️

    2. ALASEER_0110


      hhahahahahahah *we have to run like bitches* - ALASEER 
      LOVE YOU ❤️

    3. Shaun King

      Shaun King

      nah, your just clout chasing. Alaseer

  5. The reason that we actually wished to speak with you both was because we wanted to let you know what you did wrong, so that you could know, and learn from it, we usually show this post to people and tell them to give it a read Now, i didnt hear any "Dont pull your gun out or i'm gonna shoot you", i didnt hear any threat to shoot us, i only heard "you're outnumbered" and "are you gonna put that gun away?" So i was going to pull my gun out for protection for myself, since you didnt say i couldnt or you would shoot us. His gun was never holstered, he always had it out
  6. Report a player Your In-game Name: Ron Diesel Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Jamsheed Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 21/01/21 Time of the incident (GMT): 2100 What best describes this incident ?: Steve and i were doing aluminium, and these lads wanted to rob us. Rdm/low quality rp for bad initiation Please (in detail) describe the incident: We roll up to Altis metal exports, we start selling, and then this guy shows up, points a gun at us and then shouts "You are out numbered" like 2-3 times, and then
  7. We are not talking about that? We are talking about the situation and the RP, not if people know eachother or not...
  8. High rank in the police should show that this cop knows what he is doing. If you are not gonna demote high ranking cops for doing stupid things, things that make them not worthy of SI, then why even have that punishment? And then also, are they gonna learn from it? Are they gonna improve from it? And the problem is that we didnt even get to explain our situation. What would you do if a cop ran into your face without assessing the situation with a gun pulled and then asks why are you robbing the bank? Friendly MXSW pointed towards a guy thats sitting down in a chair, yes... And you g
  9. In all my time on this server, i have only seen one guy get properly punished for his actions in a PCC. The rest is just minor things that they do like "He has to be a PCSO for 3 days" or some shit like that, do you think people are gonna learn from it? Also, you said it yourself, demoted for a bit, not demoted, just temporarely. We both know PCC's are bs, dont lie to me Nikolai, i know you are smarter than that. And when that one guy got properly punished for his actions, everyone was crying and said he did nothing wrong (everyone in the police that i spoke to)
  10. We both know a PCC is in RP and biased towards nothing happening, its not gonna get anything done Yeah, i know stuff isnt always black and white, but when police literally let poseidon execute a civilian in front of them, thats kind of where i draw a line. But my problem is not that they worked together either, my problem is with the way they worked together, they were all agressive and didnt let us RP, they just ran in and shouted "Why are you robbing the bank" not even letting us say a word because there were 8 people around us
  11. (i cant edit so i'll just add it in a comment) I mean, dont get me wrong, i'm fine with it, if there was any RP related to it, instead of just people hanging out with eachother and cops just letting their "partners" execute someone
  12. So, me and some lads just tried to RP a kavala bank, and then comes some cops and poseidon that are completely refusing to rp and running in with guns, they are running around together, and they then allowed poseidon to ziptie me, steal my stuff, and then afterwards kill and execute me. The cops initiated together with poseidon, as in, "Poseidon and police will shoot" like, literally initiating together. I would be fine with this if they actually had some RP related stuff, instead of just running around together being mega agressive and guns blazing. This is prob an unpopular opinion, but
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