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  1. Nice Fight Poseidon! Better luck next week! Was a good fight nonetheless

  2. Yes Greetings, i am indeed the officer that fired those shots from a not so distant hill. Where do i start? I shall start with saying sorry to SI Leon Kennedy's Family, i will let you know that when this was done i had rushed to retrieve the bodybag and call Mr. Kennedy's family members and told them of the event, and i send my condolences. I will start off by saying that this is a blatant lie. As any Authorised firearms officer i am not allowed to have my MXSW 6.5mm support rifle on me when i start my patrol, i must contact a relevant member of the specialist unit Armed response
  3. If roleplay is what is wanted then why were your first words an initiation I am asking for solid proof that that beret would be worth 3 mil.
  4. I simply responded to the situation after a police officer had initiated the gunfight. While i did shoot, and miss (horribly), i made the decision that i was confident enough to shoot at the quillin with you and sir. Kennedy in it. I simply arrived on the hill right after you revived him (Which is still an active situation) and i was about 1km away when shots were fired. So i was simply responding to this as a regular gunfight and i did not know how any part of the initiation was. However, he did mention in the first video to stop the vehicle or YOU will be disabled, and even though the f
  5. What do you mean dude? We got an update today That a proper update that the server really needed. HONK
  6. I think the lack of updates, and then also rebel lige is empty. Before it was about earning enough money for the big guns. And now that everyone has big guns, its All about just shooting. All for rebel life if you have been here for a while is redzones
  7. I wouldnt try to fuck with this PCSO, he is out of your league man
  8. Congrats to poseidon for the border war win!

    1. Joseph Triton

      Joseph Triton

      Good effort from the cops in the end too. Enjoy the fight. Was very enjoyable

    2. GREENY


      tbh was actually a good fight enjoyed it hope everyone else did also

  9. Looks like its gonna be another draw!!

    1. The Bearish Crusader
    2. ReiSSs


      haha no chance get slapped HAHAHAHA

  10. Since i am a danish pig, my head is more stretched forward, so i would have to sit in the back of the Box truck, i also have trouble looking up. i dont know the true measurements though because i cant read the ruler when its next to my head
  11. i've been told it hasnt been updated since Felix left altis. So it might never update again
  12. I thought you said ugandan airlines had nothing to do with Help for hobos? However, I have proof that you have not donated a single penny from your time in HFH and now you are demanding payment from it? Anyway, i have not stolen any money from anyone from my time in HFH, please contact Co-Manager Piliboef if you have any further complaints
  13. I swear i feel like you are stalking the forums, you are beginning to scare me Punk

    1. Punk


      Yes i do xD

  14. Bitch i'll publish your interview test for HFH right now
  15. I'm looking at my google drive folder, and i spot this gem from back in 2017 when HFH was a thing. I feel like an organization like this is needed with the recent rise of hobos in kavala @Tom @Piliboef@Filihut Drop ugandan airlines, embrace our origins (Also, i am ashamed to admit that i think it was my saying "Dont do it" at 0:15"
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