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  1. Can we watch the other 67 hours of miserable failure you clipped these out takes from? 😘
  2. I see this as an issue for police command rather than admins. Whichever senior officers are on duty when the servers restart and 2 goes online could actively manage the numbers and ask a proportionate number of officers to go on duty on each server. By proportionate I mean 25 to patrol a population of 130 on server 1, and 12 for a population of 60 on server 2. If the numbers become unbalanced it ought to be an easy fix to ask some to swap. In this instance, and so long as they are not screwing someones HM by dropping below 10 I don't see an issue. If they arrive during an operation on their allocated server then they simply don't take part. This is easy enough to monitor with the login messages. As regards teleporting, it doesn't give them any individual advantage and so I don't see it as a rule breach, providing of course that a senior officer has made the request. If officers don't want to change server, well again that is a matter for police command, do they make it enforceable or accept that this is game time and allow people to enjoy their play? Their decision.
  3. (High quality roleplay required ;)
  4. The teamspeak stage fright was hilarious..... "Ready for your wedding John?" "Wha? ama gettin marid like?" "Yes John, in half an hour, there's a convoy of people heading to the church, looks like half the server" "What, noooooooo, no like it was just mean't ti be us like, av jus woke up man ah cannat do it " Luckily he didn't bottle it because the hastily arranged backup plan was Clarity marrying Imstyle and nobody should have to see that. And, Stavik was obviously a legend, thorough research and a ton of effort.
  5. I too noticed a lot of people joining and saying they came for the RP, then they would be told it wasn't mandatory and get KoS'ed. Majority of them left again as far as I could see as the server wasn't the RP server they were looking for. That said I understand developing another rule set for Rust and staff to enforce it on top of Altis would possibly be too much.
  6. I usually buy pre-made systems from these people, not had any problems so far. They build from £300 to top end, but be aware the price is just for the box no peripherals, although you can add them on. https://www.cyberpowersystem.co.uk/
  7. 1. Video would be required to determine exactly what happened. 2. "I tried to run the off-road off the road mad max style". That is pretty much and admission of VDM regardless of what happened prior. 3. If as a result of 1 it shows them using vehicles as a weapon then you have grounds to report them, what you don't have grounds for is to VDM in return. 4. Coming the forums calling people "dicks" and "salty americans" is not a constructive way to frame your question and not acceptable in an adult community. It could potentially be a violation of rule (12.3) Creating threads with the intention to cause issues or drama will not be tolerated and may lead to warning points or being issued a ban. All in all not a great way to introduce yourself to the community.
  8. The teamspeak discussion after it
  9. Bit hard to see but he has a negative wallet balance. £-8745
  10. Reducing the amount of Norwegians....


    Im coming after you mate.. 



  11. Problem isn't the police m8, the problem is the community is addicted to guns so outnumbered and outgunned police are no deterrent. If you stand two cops at the Diamond shop I can guarantee they will be killed or kidnapped pretty quickly. If kidnapped then almost the whole police force will have to respond and you have no police anywhere. Their hands are tied m8 by the way the meta works, and trust me it is not fun when it's like that day after day as a cop.
  12. I agree that; The police don't seem to be around Athira or Pyrgos much. Too often there is PC thingy was tazed by SPC Doodah, PC Doodah was tazed by Sgt Whatsit, Sgt Whatsit was tazed by PC thingy spam. But these are symptoms of a more fundamental problem that isn't the police forces fault at all. These are the signs of boredom in a force that is almost always outnumbered and outgunned, a force that is not in any way equipped to be effective either in hardware or rule book terms. The root cause of this sits with rebels and rebel roleplay. The ability of rebels to get tooled up with military hardware and roll in to tell the police to fuck off is the problem. There simply isn't any need to make elaborate plans to pull off a heist, to cause a distraction, to plan an escape route, to swap vehicles and clothes, to be even the slightest bit quiet about what is going on because..... guns. It is way too easy for rebels to roll around with the big guns and place snipers, and therefore provides little incentive to do things any other way. Add to that the lack of any real penalty. Rebels, even if caught, spend such a short time in prison that there is almost zero roleplay reason to avoid being seen with a military gun. For example someone seen IRL with a 7.62mm gun in the street and 5 murders under their belt would never see the light of day again, and gangs numbers would drop so fast they would be off the streets pretty quick. But Police can't sentence for very long and always have to roleplay initiation and then get sniped for their trouble, respawn, and do it again. I said this before when I was a cop, and I stand by it now. Being a Police officer on Altis is often no more than being in a gun range simulator with you as the dummy, one of the highest and best role play opportunities reduced to the status of NPC. If the community wants the higher standards of roleplay that come with an effective police force, a force that has to be appraised and proper plans made before carrying out a heist where the guns are not the choice of first resort. Then the community has to think about giving up it's guns. That is the problem, and the solution is ours to provide, every one of us..... do we value RP or the FPS.
  13. Please, use the search function.... you will see numerous management replies to other threads people have raised on this topic.
  14. I agree the RP standards are much higher here than on many other servers, however it does still leave something to be desired at times.... but not every time. For example I was robbed at Salt trader last week, and through RP we came to the amicable solution of me paying a bit of protection money from my profits and the two of us have since hooked up a couple times to pull off some gallery heists together. A one sided situation turned into a profitable partnership when paths cross. If you hadn't run, you may have been able to talk it through, however I understand they may not have been open to it through RP which can be a bit poor. When you ran you gave them the opportunity to justifiably shoot you, however if you put your hands up and attempted an RP solution and they shot you anyway then that would be poor quality RP and reportable. All in all these situations are very nuanced and hard to judge on a case by case basis without video, however there are many rebels and gangs on the island that won't skin you alive, will give solid RP and have a sensible discussion with you that still leaves you rewarded for your efforts. You may have just run into some of the shittier ones that don't appreciate that a healthy community depends upon mutual respect and enjoyment of the game.... even if that means they have to give up some of what they think they deserve because they have the numbers and bigger guns. Don't be put off, be chatty with people, be friendly.... and the friendly members of the community will respond in kind. The greedier ones with no consideration for others always come unstuck in the end.
  15. Trust me...... He's not beyond turning up at yr house and scaring the shit out of you.