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  1. Kernel. Icarus [UNMC] is my favorite officer 

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    2. Slawek UNMC

      Slawek UNMC

      Someone wants to get promoted *cough* @LAITH *cough*

    3. icarus


      If you are fishing for a promotion you best use airborne tags as bait!

    4. LAITH


      Sgt > ASSgt. 

      Im jking wut


  2. If it ain't a thumbs up I don't fuck wit it.


    done this is so fucking funny XDDD
  4. New forums looks absolutely top class🙌🙌 just need forum tags for unmc now ;)

  5. Welcome to the UNMC

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    2. Kennyy



      Rcr. Tommy Shelby [UNMC] - £5,813,819

      Pvt. KennY [UNMC] - £51,841,272

      Nice try bro 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    3. Tommy Shelby
    4. Kennyy


      not really just robbing hobos if they do apples

  6. Happy Birthday My Habibi <3 Love ya Pfc. Jefke 

    1. Jefke V

      Jefke V

      thnx ma SGT. Laith

  7. Selling 2 fully modded Ak-12 (300k each) + Mk14

    id rather wait till its half price..
  8. Selling 2 fully modded Ak-12 (300k each) + Mk14

    Wtf is that then, its a bid homie.
  9. Selling 2 fully modded Ak-12 (300k each) + Mk14

    I said 120k bid on one of the AK-12s
  10. How many computer fans would i want ideally? i have only one currently.. do i need more? 

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    2. Zeito


      Ideally you should have one intake and one exhaust at a minimum going intake at front, exhaust at back, or intake at base, exhaust at top/back.

      There should be cool exterior air being drawn in and blown over any heat generating components, i.e. hard drives, the mobo, memory. The GPU will likely be exhausting it's heat directly into the case, very few push any significant amount of air out the back.

      Depending on your CPU cooler, this is likely to be dumping hot air into the case as well. if you have a standing cooler, rather than flat, then ideally you should have this blowing the hot CPU air towards the rear exhaust fan.

      Important factor to consider when getting fans is the Cubic Feet per Minute of air moved at a specified RPM. I.e. a fan might push [email protected], another might push [email protected] in this case, the 140cfm fan is better as it moves more air at the same rotational speed. Some fans will move more at a higher RPM, but then they may also be noisier at higher speeds.

      If you are thinking of getting additional fans, Corsair AF or SP series are good for 120mm sized fans (standard sort of exhaust fans, and for radiator fans) and for large fans at 200mm, Bitfenix make some great fans in their Spectre series.


      this might be of use to you.

    3. Imstyle


      1 case fan? jesus - i have 3 on front - 2 on back all of these are to intake on air - aio cooler on top as and 2 other 140 fans as my extake - keeps system pretty cool 

    4. LAITH


      Thanks everyone! i've concluded that i do indeed need another fan XD i will be installing two today XD

  11. Selling 2 fully modded Ak-12 (300k each) + Mk14

    120k on one of the aks bid
  12. Prolapse

    1. Dcert


      noun: prolapse; plural noun: prolapses
      1. 1.
        a slipping forward or down of a part or organ of the body.
        "a rectal prolapse"
        • a prolapsed part or organ, especially a uterus or rectum.
      verb: prolapse; 3rd person present: prolapses; past tense: prolapsed; past participle: prolapsed; gerund or present participle: prolapsing
      1. 1.
        (of a part or organ of the body) slip forward or down.
        "a prolapsed uterus"

      Btw I asked google to define it...

    2. LAITH


      Stop spammin me that word cunt 😂😂😂😂 lmfaoo