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  1. sapnin dad

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      Yo whatup fake scouser, how are we

  2. but see that highlights you haven't been in the police. There are lot of places people can turn off to, some which are often chosen and can be predicted, and some other that are less used or involve in doing huge jumps or going offroad on a steep hill with a city car, which makes a lot of sense.. Remember that officer 1 has to be able to fully keep up with the suspect, and that's considering the fact they are following the same exact road.. So I can imagine how great officer 2 would be able to keep up with twice as much twists and turns.
  3. There is no point having more than 1 interceptor if said vehicle can't keep up with a fair few of the chases to begin with
  4. The interceptor maxes at 160. Other traffic vehicles do 130. If you just hit anything just once, then your car is pretty much fucked, competitively speaking... Trackhawks can be chased in town but once they go on straights that's where they fuck you up. and Warwick, you should look out a bit more then, because the Interceptor is out and about pretty much everyday.
  5. enough sheep shagging now

  6. I live in Italy so pc specialist isn't really the best thing out there, but I found a Dell G3 15 with an i7 10th gen which clocks up to 5 GHz along with the RTX 2060, same amount of ram and 1 To SSD for a reasonable price
  7. So my current laptop's life that's about 2-3 years old is coming to an end, I think it's an issue to do with the graphics card but I've tried so hard to figure it out but I've got no clue other than it being complete waste... So I was looking at some laptops. This particular one interests me, it's the Acer Nitro 5, it's got: - I5-10300H -RTX 2060 -16 GB 2933 MHz DDR4-SDRAM -512 GB SSD Its price is of € 1.199 so about £ 1,087, What are your thoughts? I absolutely need a laptop, and really can't deal with having to travel around with a desktop. I wonder if some of you tech experts could give me some advices. Ofc I know that the 512 GB SSD wouldn't be enough, so I'd consider upgrading that in the 1st place
  8. This also just got released and it's quite decent
  9. always in our hearts sum hardstyle too^ top tune
  10. back to washing cars you go.... smh BTP
  11. and not battoning a poor and innocent Advanced Paramedic?
  12. is this after the update? Because when others did it I managed to see it being rolled down
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