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  1. enough sheep shagging now

  2. the fact that everyone has a race car is unrealistic...
  3. ah shit, what about the brands of companies and stuff then?
  4. So as the title suggests, it would be a nice touch to have UK road signs and other things as such. It's not gamechanging but would add a really nice touch to the server, it being "based around" in UK. I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy it. https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/united-kingdom-road-signs As well as signs, it would be nice to have some local UK brands in the server too... Don't know how would that go tbh, if there are any copyright issues or anything from that perspective. https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/project-london-remastered-wip-oiv
  5. Keven Stewart

    Speed bumps

    So as the title suggests I guess... Speed bumps would be a quite nice (debatable) and interesting addition. Especially when it comes to placing them in streets where most of the people top 150 mph (e.g. Elgin ave, etc) so people at least slow down a little bit to avoid being flown away. I guess this suggestion would be much better if I had like a map and suggested spots where to place them but I am to incapable for that, I'll leave it to the good citizens of LS. What I do suggest is to at least place them in the streets around Legion square. (mind you dead bodies aren't considered speed bumps)
  6. back to washing cars you go.... smh BTP
  7. and not battoning a poor and innocent Advanced Paramedic?
  8. I'm pretty sure these suggestions are to be passed directly to command and they'll process it through internally
  9. is this after the update? Because when others did it I managed to see it being rolled down
  10. So when you "bleed out" and you are being carried, it respawns you on that same person that is carrying you, as usual with no gear and all that but it's just the fact that it respawns you on that same person that is carrying you
  11. I think that's got to do with the model, dunno if the devs are able to fix it
  12. I think he means that the blue lights' pattern constantly changing varying the sirens e.g. on the motorbike when changing from wail to yelp, you can notice the flashing pattern adapting to the "aggressiveness" of the siren. Just doesn't seem to work on the other EVs
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