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  1. Glad to see you back!

  2. So i was PLaying ark today and was getting chased by 2 Trex's and found a huge metal room with the gate open and decided to run for it and it had a pincode and i had only one try and decided to try my luck with 1111 and IT FUCKING WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not all heroes wear capes <3 

  3. Invictia Hostage Op

    goodjob lads
  4. Rules Feedback

    Well cops are shooting from the blue zone lately and even if its rubbers its still abusing the fact that someone is outside and they shoot :s
  5. Rules Feedback

    (6.1) You are unable to kill anyone in a green or blue zone (Punishment is a ban) Few Questions about this rule when a cop is shooting at you from a blue zone can you fire back ? when a cop steals your vehicle in an active gunfight with the police can you still fire at them if you are shooting them already from outside the zone ? Honestly my personal opinion about blue zones is it's a bad idea , if it was a greenzone then it would make it fair and honest but it can really be abused and it has been lately so i just wanna clear it up.
  6. Blue For - Kicked Poor FPS.

    try and see if it's the faction or just on RPUK so try setting up a random mission on arma or try to join another server that has bluefor slots (tdm or king of the hill) to check out if the issue is solved. also try waiting a bit for the map to load up and press M and zoom out, and you could try to flush ur game too.
  7. Great Redzone OP

    he came in for the victory song
  8. DI Joker and fellow officer

    it was great rp and a walk back to the station is never boring when you got people who are good at rp and it was really fun @Beecroftthanks for stealing my car -_-
  9. Great Redzone OP

    So the other day we lost my hunter at a bank op that we ended up winning , then the 'Gang' who took my hunter was followed to the Redzone. we all grouped up and waited for permission from @SI Tampax. The darter spotted them at the rebel outpost. As soon as we got the authorization to cross the border we geared up and with my command went in. it was a 7 man squad , yes i know it sounds impossible but the coms were the best coms i ever had in the police force and everyone was in charge of something. @adam collins was our Marks man and saved many of us while we were pushing in. @Mikey Kearnsof the darter and was great at spotting targets. @DSGT Stan I and @INS Krql were doing an amazing job flanking and supporting the group that was pushing to the compound. @SPC [email protected] and myself were the squad pushing the compound. Really great cops and very organised , thank you everyone and Thank you @Ricardo Sanchez for singing our victory song. @SPC Bacon, @adam collins , @Mikey Kearns, @INS Krql, @reiss , @DSGT Stan I
  10. CONGRATS ON DI MY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mr Joker

      Mr Joker

      <3 thank you <3

  11. Pavilion

    Got taken hostage by them and eventually got adopted and they gave me rebel clothing to become one of them and went around and sold gold In the UNMC lands. i was told to radio in to the cops that im helping a suicidal man and he wants his location to be hidden and doesnt want any officers helping so the other officers would not attend. however they did not rob me or anything and were really friendly to me and i felt like i was a part of them. they took me back to kavala HQ after the gold was sold at UNMC gold buyer. it was great roleplay and i would like to recommend @Fallen @D A R K (sorry don't remember everyone's name).
  12. Tampax's Fault

    We were kinda responding to a situation and i see you in middle of the road and i was like shit were dead.
  13. AR Advanced Tactics

    that sucks :D hahaha