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  1. The only true mayor of Altis is @Whongcheng
  2. 4 year trophy

  3. Caught fish appear in your inventory as ‘fish’ instead of being capitalised like all other items and should appear as ‘Fish’. Also, change the message you get once catching fish from “you caught a fish (x)” to “you caught fish (x)” The former doesn’t make sense if you’ve caught more than one fish and is just plain wrong.
  4. Danish

    Decrease rain

    Dude, this is a UK roleplay community. This means in order to get 100% immersion it has to rain a lot.
  5. Here’s my question. Is the server PS4-controller friendly? I’m not a fan of mouse and keyboard.
  6. Three years award!

  7. I don't mind selling you a special black carrier rig for 50k. Just PM me once you're going on the server and if I am online and am available I'll get on.
  8. He spoiled Toy Story? How could you, Reiss?!
  9. Someone say prestige 10? I'm your man.
  10. Off-roading taken to a whole new level.
  11. It has always been in our hearts so it was never really gone.
  12. I am pretty sure that people without prestige are still able to pick up level 5 rigs
  13. I am having the same issue
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