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  1. @Danish i love your profile picture xD

    1. Danish


      It's Minecraft related.

    2. Elbringo


      Still sick thoe :D

  2. I love you Danish

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    2. Swaghetto


      I wuv him a whole lot more than you because he's wangers

    3. Upsy daisy

      Upsy daisy

      Danish your wangers invite is in the mail buddy


    4. Danish
  3. Come on Teamspeak. You're requested.

  4. First non staff! comment
  5. Congratulations on 2 years!


  6. I mean it would be pretty unlikely for her to still be alive.
  7. *cough* powergaming *cough*
  8. I'm in it for the tag.
  9. So you're telling me that you went through the trouble of interviewing, FTCS, etc just so you could collect data on the Police when you could have achieved your goal just by asking a Police officer? That's kinda sad tbh. You did not only waste your time but other's time as well.
  10. Wasn't pyrgos just liberated? I'm confused.
  11. You called me "your majesty" I'm glad you have already accepted me as your king😄
  12. I wonder why we call it the queen's land. I mean she's probably dead in 2037 in roleplay.
  13. Monarchies have existed long before your socialist/communist ideologies. Your party has provided us with nothing but words. The people crave action. Action speaks louder than words. The people would never be crazy enough to support you. You're just like all the other politician but not me because I am a king who's fit to rule Altis. You threaten your rivals with death, which is absolutely crazy. I can feel the bloodlust in your words.