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  1. Star Citizen Hangers

    T'was a late backer myself so I missed all the goal rewards which is a pain :(. Thinking about picking up another ship in the future, maybe when 3.0 comes out but not sure what one 🤔 https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/Mattch
  2. Curious to see what ships everyone has. Currently the only one I own the F7C-M Super Hornet https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/Mattch
  3. Remove Kebab!

    Damn right ;)
  4. So we don't end up with loads of sperate posts, let's have 1 big mega-thread. Feel free to post the link to your stream and any relevant information (Info, Schedules, Games etc etc)
  5. Friday 13th Tomorrow

    But this Friday is the 7th?
  6. UNMC recruitment information

    Get off Fiverr @blaze1981
  7. Not very nice dispatch

  8. Not very nice dispatch

    Indeed, he got hammered yesterday for doing the same thing, running around shouting "Cops can't RP" amongst other things
  9. Not very nice dispatch

    Why am I not surprised that he's already banned? 🤔
  10. Hostage situation

  11. Malden server?

    It's not even been released yet.... just wait
  12. New Ranks - Adopting a change.

    As part of the staff team, I had no idea about the changes being made at all. To clear up the confusion, this was approved by the "RPUK Board" after being suggested by Police command and approved by their "Police Board" (Same ones that do the blacklist appeals etc) as posted by Tadworth within his statement announcing the changes (the same link that Oliver Posted). Ultimately the change appears to have come down internally from Police command and the approval was just required from the "RPUK Board" to actually make the changes in-game While I can understand that at this the current stage people may not be happy due to the large change, what I can suggest is rolling with it for a few days and seeing how you feel after that. If you have any suggestions bring them up with police command/board, these changes are less than a day old at the time of posting.
  13. <Insert Status about Profile Background Here>

  14. Instead of Bing, have you tried Asking Jeeves?