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  1. 6 years of my life apart of this community and more years to come. here's to 6 years of Nazgul

  2. i see what you did there.
  3. damn i missed it can you divorce and get remarried XD
  4. do we know when TS will be back up and running?


    1. Snuffles


      Believe we're still waiting on a reply from TeamSpeak.

    2. Nazgul


      ahh slow customer services

  5. i'll admit it's an issue i have seen and have myself gotten rather annoyed over. I play cop nothing else and i'd have to agree firearms have seen breach when hostages have knifes to them and guns and 8 to 10 out of times the hostage dies because firearms breached with no real reason to and disregarded the hostages life, there have been some cases where they haven't breached but firearms breaching is more common than letting the hostage takers leave the area and starting a pursuit which is more fun for both parties than just ending it with dead cops criminals and an unnecessary death of the hostage. its something that needs to change and the mentality of firearms in this kind of situation needs to change they are there to restrain someone with more force than the common copper but the gun in their hands is mostly always the first choice of use of force. its the CTSFO that are the ones that take the shot when it's necessary. but somethings need to change and firearms need to remember the NDM and when their actions get a hostage killed then that's on them for not properly assessing the situation.
  6. Blob eye is the OG
  7. i'll be real the 2015 subaru version looks better
  8. Invest RPUk

    not stock manipulation i swear

  9. whats everyones thoughts of having a poker table in the Diamond casino?

    1. Custard Cream

      Custard Cream

      Id love poker

    2. Nazgul


      id love to have it in the casino 

    3. Neovo


      same if we could play poker against each other that would be really good. rather than just playing blackjack betting against an AI

  10. Brief Summary: So i'm a diehard fan for rally racing and love a good subaru and i know we have an blobeye 2004 subaru impreza wrx sti but i would love to see an new more modern subaru STI Detailed Suggestion: So detailed suggestion is that i would love to see this car be added to the imports list. it will bring an new vehicle to the roads and a new vehicle for people to race with on tarmac and dirt if they are brave. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2019-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-add-on with this thrown in the mix please https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/subaru-sti-ej257-f4-engine-sound-oiv-add-on-fivem-sound adding this car would scratch the itch that some of us petrol heads and dare devil racers need to fill our minds with testosterone with speed and grip. i need this car in my life. The Pros: Flashy ass car with new modern look The Cons: nothing really dev time?? Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? no if the speed is made balanced so police cars have an chance.
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