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  1. pineapple on pizza or no pineapple on pizza

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    2. ShadowDirector


      To put it simply, 

      No GIFs | Tenor

    3. JasonO


      No from me

    4. Nazgul


      what you cant kick me out of my own profile page

  2. what are people thinking of the new arma DLC?

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    2. Nazgul


      mike force is really good couple bugs but recon they will be fixed devs seem to be active on the public servers

    3. ReiSSs


      They should stop milking the series and move on to arma 4

    4. Nazgul


      true but the dlc has brought more life into the game

  3. cheese or wine? 

    choose one

  4. @sciencefreak74@Wilco swear this new see old names is to rub in the fact i was called "Nazgul or I'm gonna scream" for a few days for the admins amusement 🤔


    1. Azamai


      I think we need a repeat.

    2. Nazgul


      i swear to god if that happens

    3. Malfang


      nice name👌

  5. left twix or right twix?

    1. Kyano


      fuck twix

  6. also cheeseboard


    just brought a RPUK MUG and T-shirt




    not sponsored in anyway just putting it out there may do a review on next stream XD

  8. Bacon


  9. how long dose it take to get your FiveM police app reviewed???

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    2. Shepherd Kingston

      Shepherd Kingston

      All pending applications will be reviewed soon @Nazgul

    3. Nazgul


      how soon is soon I put it in on Saturday it's Tuesday now 😢

    4. Shepherd Kingston
  10. I have moved to Los Santos goodbye Altis you will be missed

  11. i have found new love in the Fivem server think i might move there from my home country Altis!!!


    1. Henning Orion

      Henning Orion

      Glad you like it mate!


  12. would anyone like to take some time to talk to me about fivem as I have just got a interest into it. PM me if you like to help me out

  13. free nazgul


    1. Gray
    2. Nazgul


      don't oppress my right to freedom!

  14. did you hear nazgul is running for mayor #voteNazgulformayofAltis


    1. M


      -1 will ruin the economy

      king wilco 4 life

    2. Nazgul


      maybe but no promises


  15. I'm back from my two month holiday see you around the island

    1. kutserver


      Welcome back!


    2. Nazgul


      thank you

  16. hello my RP friends how is everyone hope you all had a good new year and Christmas been missing the community already hope Poseidon and police are still friends 😝 if you wanna chat send a pm too

  17. happy new years fuck off 2020 hello 2021 let its name live as long as the 21 meme

  18. ladies and gentlemen.....




    we got my name😃

    1. Riz


      We'll miss "Nazgul or I'm gonna scream"!

  19. i need my name to change to Nazgul or I'm gonna Scream, 






    but the guy who has it is inactive on the forums someone please help your local Dark Lord

  20. i hear there be a Bilbo Baggins from the shire on the island of Altis i pay high price for the one who brings him to me with the ring of power  Wanted Alive

  21. doing a stream for the first time in a while come and watch  


  22. happy Halloween show us your costume 


    no heresy shall be knocking at my door tonight 

    crusader (2).jpg

    1. Wilco


      I do not need a costume, I am scary enough! 

    2. Kseniya


      Agreeing with Wilco here, people don't knock on my door, they know they'll most likely regret it.

    3. Nazgul


      wilco I do believe I have never met you online so maybe I'm in for a fright

  23. thanks to those who took part in the rally race today 

    1st Si Ajazuri prowler 11:26 minuets 

    2nd PC Harri hatchback sport

    3rd Zulufighter Hatchback sport 

    money will be sent as soon as possible

  24. the Altis 15 km rally tonight at 8:00 restart more info in the link



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