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  1. @Jack Willowshope i get VIP XD
  2. also cheeseboard


    just brought a RPUK MUG and T-shirt




    not sponsored in anyway just putting it out there may do a review on next stream XD

  4. Bacon


  5. hello been asking around ingame about how the imports work but none tells me so here is the question are imports like lost mc bikes you order them from the dealer and they get them imported or are they just randomly put in stock at random car dealer locations also how often are the imports added to the server
  6. seems chaos is what keeps the NHS working
  7. how long dose it take to get your FiveM police app reviewed???

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    2. Shepherd Kingston

      Shepherd Kingston

      All pending applications will be reviewed soon @Nazgul

    3. Nazgul


      how soon is soon I put it in on Saturday it's Tuesday now 😢

    4. Shepherd Kingston
  8. i haven't actually this is a open page to ask to join the team
  9. Yes it would seem I have sorry will fix that
  10. Twitch Link: Stream Schedule: I more do random streams and don't schedule just play Games Streamed: Arma 3, Minecraft, Fivem most game's that's popular Link to a previous stream: i had some mic issues where it captures my pc and keyboard but was fixed further in the stream Why do you want to join the team: i would like to join the streaming team for RPUK Fivem because i would like to help advertiser the server to other serious roleplayers looking for a British themed dedicated server. i was apart of the team but left as i was
  11. Could I come and visit to look at your selection of bikes cus I will get a off-road just in case
  12. is this offroad or on road or bit of both?
  13. I have moved to Los Santos goodbye Altis you will be missed

  14. i have found new love in the Fivem server think i might move there from my home country Altis!!!


    1. Henning Orion

      Henning Orion

      Glad you like it mate!


  15. would anyone like to take some time to talk to me about fivem as I have just got a interest into it. PM me if you like to help me out

  16. free nazgul


    1. Gray
    2. Nazgul


      don't oppress my right to freedom!

  17. I can understand how you may feel but in a combat zone with many armed rebels and cartel members even if guns aren't visible you should always take precautions particularly when it’s in a zone even if my other officers disarmed you there is no way in knowing if you had found a weapon or not, also I did ask for your NVG but you refused so for my own safety I had to escalate it to knocking you out to retrieve the item. Also I would like to put forward from the police guide and rules that it is not stated anyway that I can’t knock you out to confiscate a item of any description same with th
  18. well i was in the red zone with no night vision and night was fast approaching and needed NVGs to defend myself and other officers defending police governed territory i was informed that there was a unarmed Poseidon member that had been disarmed and in desperation to keep myself in the fight as best a possible i had to seize the NVGS i did ask that he dropped them so i could use them but he refused as this was in a heavy armed conflict zone i had to hast my time in the open so i resorted to knocking him out to take the NVG's restraining him to take them then realising him i do believe he was t
  19. did you hear nazgul is running for mayor #voteNazgulformayofAltis


    1. M


      -1 will ruin the economy

      king wilco 4 life

    2. Nazgul


      maybe but no promises


  20. and i thought they would take the legal word XD
  21. I'm back from my two month holiday see you around the island

    1. James A

      James A

      Welcome back!


    2. Nazgul


      thank you

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