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  1. 3 mil
  2. Selling a large house in Sofia. It's perfect for doing salt. It's at grid ref 257213. If you are interested msg me and I will send precise location. Starting bid 750k. Bid increase 100k. Bidding will end on 23nd at 8 pm. Happy bidding.
  3. There can be only one bumblebait.
  4. its up
  5. 11
  6. Looks like police just got their new set of equipment XD https://gyazo.com/196ae4de420978edece344e33408a4b5

  7. TS down?

    1. SI mryan19

      SI mryan19

      yup, been down for around an hour.

  8. hey i am trying to get an app to become nhs

    thanks can you help


    1. Slawek UNMC
    2. Smithy2017


      thank you all done i think i did it right 😜


  10. Looking at the changelog and I see that only owner and police will get a notification when a house is being robbed. But what about houses in UNMC lands? Would be cool if we as UNMC could get a notification if someone is breaking into a house in our lands.
  11. 20
  12. Wait, so you take over a UNMANNED prison, then you take pictures over there and then when unmc arrives you all get killed and one of your DI's (Raigon) get's captured and put in jail and now you are saying that you secured it. Well you may have secured it for a few minutes but like 40 mins after your arrival we put you r DI in there with none of you around. So using that logic if a hobo runs into you prison which is never being manned then he can say that he secured the prison. Oh, and thank you for those hunters, they are fun to drive around.
  13. @Sassy glad you enjoyed it m8, they heli crashing was propably me being kicked off while flying my taru.
  14. Give it to me!!!!