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  1. Posting this just to be sure devs know about it. So we can't get anything out of the armoury, can't drop many items and can't take items off people. Really limits what we can do so devs pls fix XDD.
  2. Slawek

    Police Qilin

    Excuse me sir but i also want this for NCA, looks great. Pls replace prowler with this or give it as an alternative. Might be worth bringing this board aswell.
  3. The thing im suggesting is purely cosmetics. It just looks better if you press 7 instead of just little text in the chat saying "officer this shows his warrant card" it would also change the name above their head. Could also help avoid confusion when mamy cops in masks show their warrant cards at ones cuz you will swe their names assigned to the cop,not just a spam on chat.
  4. Yes, i know, all im suggesting is give them na option to show their name for a short period of time like with the UC name, mainly to avoid situations when you are in a spec unit uniform and they are bot sure if you are a copy. Just a nice little touch. Normally their name would still be hidden obviously.
  5. I'm thinking same as its is for UC name, it changes for a short while, then goes back to how it was, the text would pop up too
  6. Show cop name if showing warrant card Brief Summary: As the title says, make it so if a cop is wearing a mask of some sort and presses 7 to show his warrant card make his name appear instead of "masked player". Detailed Suggestion: As the title says, make it so if a cop is wearing a mask of some sort and presses 7 to show his warrant card make his name appear above his head instead of "masked player", kinda like when a cop has a undercover name on. The Pros: This will be nice looking and might help new players who will ask masked cops for
  7. Was pretty fun ngl, especially when you opened that gate for then to zip tie me, traitor!!!!
  8. Every now and then when i die in the car and then hold F to respawn it puts me back to the respawn menu, i select where to spawn, it preloads but then my camera just goes to the place where i bled out and im just stuck there and have to restart the game. Happened both when i died due to gunfire and due to crashing so no clue what needs to happen for it to bug out.
  9. Im fairly sure the NLR circle is meant to have a radius of 1km as per rules but in game it has a diameter of 1km, it's just too small. It's the same problem there was with the NOTAMs, at the start we would set the diamater to be something but instead that distance would be the radius IIRC.
  10. Slawek

    Met Police Inspired Uniform

    As much as i would love a police uniform with a shirt, if this was to go in on the server it would need either more markings on the side (less likely scenario) or the shirt would need to be of a different color then white, as there is clothing like this that civs can buy and if you have a vest on, no one will see the patch on the chest and might confuse a cop for a civ or a civ for a cop in a fight, also, we are not MET police around here.
  11. Slawek

    New South Checkpoint

    TBH it looks sick, but at least for me it looks like it would just be too overpowered, either poseidon trying to take it from people or people trying to take it from poseidon.
  12. I know the chances are low, this is a gaming community afterall XD, but is anyone from here running in the Wings for Life World Run on Sunday too? Just curious. 

    1. Wilco


      I am doing the miles for mind in may... put myself down for 75 miles but will probably do more, I will look into this wings for life, How far have you put yourself down for ?

    2. Slawek


      Well, in wings for life you don't put yourself down for a distance, you just run until the chase car gets ahead of you, I honestly don't know how far im gonna make it, 20 km easily, maybe further.

  13. Personally logged off when there was more then 15 cops on from what i remember, and keeping in mind that the ammount for the ar cache is 10 i don't see why i should let other cops on the server and all staff that im logging off, this is a game afterall and i hope you don't expect me to report to staff and every cop on the server that im logging off when me logging of does not change anything.
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