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  1. Yeah, I think there was only 50 something players on actually.
  2. So try to see my perspective, I have just been tazed, restrained and taken anything off me that classifies as harmful, then after being unrestrained and left alone in the zone without anybody to help me and no way of making my way out, surrounded by armed police. You then make your way over to me to forcefully take my NVGs, refusing to give my NVGs I get a hard smack over the head, another pair of restrains and a big concussion prior to already being ransacked. I do not believe your argument about being rightfully able to shoot an unarmed individual in the redzone justifies this. I have been lucky to survive this even after I asked my Cartel member to dispose of me because of the miserable feeling of being trapped and used. I have said my part, waiting for recovery, and will leave it for the verdict.
  3. I like the ground vehicles +1
  4. Name of officer(s) involved (Please give their name, rank and collar number if known): Prob.PC Nazulgul [9450] Time and date of incident: 21:51 - 26.02.2021 Description the incident and what happened in as much detail as possible: Greetings police command, During an on-going war between Poseidon and Police to the north of our town Athira i was holding the building to the west of the Docks, ending up getting tazed, restrained and taken all my weaponery from me, stuck in the middle of the combat with-out any way to defend myself. After this incident, during the rise of the night, Mr Nazgul approaches me with his weapon fully drawn and gives me the ultimatium to either hand over my nightvision googles or I will be forcibly knocked out. With no way to fend of his threats and having no communications nor radio I was defenseless from the brutality of the officer. He left me on the ground after being knocked out and restrained, running back to his desired spot near the church with his brand new nightvision googles. I think this was a rather traumatic experience, getting threatened by the police and then getting ransacked of my dearest belongings, especially the attitude of the officer, threating to knock me out if I don't give him what he wants. After trying to discuss the mishandling by the officer, he justified it to be "seized" for police evidence, which I do not find justifiable. Best regards, Mads Frost Orion. What do you feel to be a suitable outcome of this complaint: I feel like the officer should be infomed and furthermore be re-educated on what to do and how to not threaten people who are not able to defend for themselves, just because they wanted their nightvision googles. Please post any video/screenshot evidence to support your complaint here:
  5. Yup, got a crazy deal, sorry:)
  6. I'm selling a barn in Kalochori near potato processor. Starting at £ 25 000 000 SOLD Increment bid by minimum: £ 500 000 Best regards, Mads Frost.
  7. Team: Misunderstood Logo @Mads Frost @Don Koi @Henning Orion @Kieron Orion @Bowen Orion @Jesse
  8. We arrived at the situation, everyone came in to speak to you in the office chair and started chatting about what is going on. You explain the situation and roleplay as a banker, we followed the role-play up, the police went in the back and started "fixing" the alarm for you. I don't think it is any fair of accusing us for the lack of role-play, it was you who directly resorted to shooting us. I don't want to comment more on this, as I think this topic is highly unnecessary and is just a huge rant. Afterall, this is a role-play server, situations are variable not constant.
  9. We had a nice date with the officers, and decided to take a pit stop as obviously the cops had duty while we had our date. For this reason we decided to help our dates out with the situation. The rest is roleplay, seems like you have entirely misunderstood the relations and do not see the similarities, instead you only seem to be focused on the contrasting parts.
  10. So after Slapping Police let's have some feedback on Border Wars. Please no crying, only constructive feedback that can help this get better! My points so far: - Overall balanced between slots and how the capzones are handled now and a better experience. - Some places was still able to get robbed. - Better with balance in the start as well, handling more people and letting both factions get in at relatively the same time. - EDIT: Perhaps make the border wars shorter, as I think people would rather not play for 4 hours straight, rather something like 2 hours
  11. Thinking about getting back into Altis, how's the RP doing there?

    1. Nikolai


      i mean considering the server being semi dead, the RP has more turned into give some RP and try and initiate first most of the time, but there is a few times where the roleplay is great


    2. M


      fivem is better

  12. Hey thank you I will make sure to DM a copy of the RPT file!!
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