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  1. I like the ground vehicles +1
  2. I'm selling a barn in Kalochori near potato processor. Starting at £ 25 000 000 SOLD Increment bid by minimum: £ 500 000 Best regards, Mads Frost.
  3. Team: Misunderstood Logo @Mads Frost @Don Koi @Henning Orion @Kieron Orion @Bowen Orion @Jesse
  4. We arrived at the situation, everyone came in to speak to you in the office chair and started chatting about what is going on. You explain the situation and roleplay as a banker, we followed the role-play up, the police went in the back and started "fixing" the alarm for you. I don't think it is any fair of accusing us for the lack of role-play, it was you who directly resorted to shooting us. I don't want to comment more on this, as I think this topic is highly unnecessary and is just a huge rant. Afterall, this is a role-play server, situations are variable not constant.
  5. We had a nice date with the officers, and decided to take a pit stop as obviously the cops had duty while we had our date. For this reason we decided to help our dates out with the situation. The rest is roleplay, seems like you have entirely misunderstood the relations and do not see the similarities, instead you only seem to be focused on the contrasting parts.
  6. So after Slapping Police let's have some feedback on Border Wars. Please no crying, only constructive feedback that can help this get better! My points so far: - Overall balanced between slots and how the capzones are handled now and a better experience. - Some places was still able to get robbed. - Better with balance in the start as well, handling more people and letting both factions get in at relatively the same time. - EDIT: Perhaps make the border wars shorter, as I think people would rather not play for 4 hours straight, rather something like 2 hours
  7. Thinking about getting back into Altis, how's the RP doing there?

    1. Nikolai


      i mean considering the server being semi dead, the RP has more turned into give some RP and try and initiate first most of the time, but there is a few times where the roleplay is great


    2. M


      fivem is better

  8. I've currently just arrived at work (working to 0:30 tonight). I'd happily speak with you tomorrow at any time before 16:00! Just pop me a message in TS or on the forums:)
  9. Hi Tomtit, I'll start off with quoting you on: We have never tried to resolve this issue you had, we've never attempted to liase this. The only place you asked me, after i shot you, was during the active situation in-game, where you started lectoring me in the server rules and initation in in-game direct chat, which is obviously (if you care to extend the length of your edited footage) not a proper way of resolving said issue at said time. I'd gladly resolve this matter over TeamSpeak, because I haven't been contacted by you in any way after the situation. Neither have I felt any reason to be doing so at that time. I would also like to ask for you to provide the whole context of video, and not just specifically the cut out the part after you died, but also when we were speaking in-game. Furthermore, onto the actual evidence, from what your perspective is: You decide to lockpick several vehicles in Agios->Acknowledging an ongoing gunfight and you decide to hide (since you're obviously an armed rebel)->You start receiving shots since there was an ongoing situation between Rebels and Poseidon->Thereafter you decide to hide behind a stone wall with your gun out->I shot you, mistakenly, but with reason for: Being suspected as a part of the initial rebels we fought in Agios (considering you having your gun pointed out ready to shoot someone). How is there no indication or warning for you to get out of there? Or to stay in the house or don't pull out a gun? From my perspective: You've taken part in an active situation (obviously you were oblivious to the actual active situation that was ongoing), and decided to pull out a gun behind a wall. I can see that you're disappointed in the events taking place, but I won't be able to directly differentiate between every armed-rebel in contrast to if we were to be in an ongoing situation with another faction, like the Police. Hearing shots nearby, running in to seek cover and then going out to take part is clearly a sign of you acknowledging that there's a situation. But still deciding to participate, even though you know you aren't a part of it. Why are you reporting me for this? And why haven't you tried to resolve this with me first? In conclusion: The reason why I shot you was because you were an armed rebel in an ongoing situation, not just a guy who was casually walking around with a gun, but specifically behind a wall taking cover and ready to shoot. This makes me believe for you to be involved in the situation between Poseidon and other rebels in Agios. I don't personally record, as my computer can't handle it. Preferably Tomtit could extend his video to get the whole context of the situation that was ongoing. Either way I think this report is very unreasonable, and I have in no way been contacted for any form of resolution between us. Hopefully we can find time to speak this issue @tomtit2010?
  10. Here is a beginners guide to the RPUK DayZ server, this has not been updated but may be how you connect still
  11. I believe this website is run on some framework created by a third-party community provider. So I assume that's something from their providers part, or at least just a choice of a non mobile first approach? Including that not everything is optimized for such small screens like Wilco mentioned. Perhaps time to upgrade screen size;)? It's always gonna look odd as they have to fit so much information to such a small screen
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