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  1. I decided to appeal my ban 2 days ago because i thought it will be a appeal that will last long because my past on this community and the multiple bans im appealing for. So if come home middle of april i can play without waiting on a ban appeal. But ive changed I definitely became a better person and feel like showing that to people that i can roleplay with people within community guidelines. And yes ive spoken to a lot off people if i should really make a ban appeal because it said (You can appeal your ban on the 24/5/2020) and i dont want to make it worse because i really feel like returnin
  2. Ofcourse it is really easy for somebody to say they have changed in the last 2/3 months. Ive decided to totally step back from gaming after i got banned on roleplay.co.uk. In those 3 months i havent touched my pc that much and did a lot of good stuff irl. If i look back to my character/person i was a salty little kid thinking he could do anything and get away with it, even after you deciced to give me a final chance to prove myself on the server. I kept being a little cunt and continuo as little kid and just easily throw my chances away in the bin. Unrespectful from my side and a stab in the b
  3. Unban Appeal for Will Boston In-game Name: will boston Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198201021546 The date you got banned: 11/24/20 Member of the team that banned you: Nuclear/Robbie Reason given for your ban: G1.1 C3.0 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I got banned for being an unmature person who could not handle the punishments against me. On the 11th of november i got banned due a RDM report that was up against me. In that situation i didnt not handle the situation in the way it should have handled it within the community gui
  4. With cars being fucked and spamming it to unlock it takes ages.
  5. Great response C/NPAS @B0sh

  6. Im going to respond since i was involved in this situation. @Lincolnis getting reported for what? There is no ingame footage that can show what he actually did? The only thing that i could hear is “Walking trough doors that were open for me” So now i would like to know what is “wrong” with walking trough doors that open for you. Im away from my computer at the moment. But i’ll show the evidence i have what have led to this situation. Then another officer joined in on the teamspeak conversation and starts talking about an “exploit” how you can jump on the bin and something happens. While
  7. Update 17-11-2020 Will Boston The last week I’ve seen gangs grow in members and started showing themselves more as a group in public. Last week wasn’t a busy week because of the amount of time I had to spend in prison. This gave me the opportunity to think about our next steps as a gang. Its hard to always be one step ahead of the cops, when you have people speaking with the government to reduce their prison time. Last week was hard for us criminals to make a living... Cops almost had every kind of illegal source of income blocked. Last week I noticed that making money from gun deal
  8. @Ji the Pillagermaybe we can scam some off mr charles vane
  9. I think there should be an option for police officers to turn off their GPS. With them not being able to turn off their GPS is it useless to take 1 hostage. When you take an officer hostage right now, The person who takes the officer hostage says /me take gps and radio . But other officers on duty still manage to find you everytime. With this being implemented it stops officers metagaming trough their map when in the middle off a hostage situation. This also brings more serious content to the server for cops and civilians.
  10. Haha no fucking way, imagine paying ppl back but still on the leaderbord
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