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  1. bear jew

    A lottery system

    Sounds good. Would'nt it be better instead of the prize being the money of all the tickets pooled in together, just be a set prize say £100,000?
  2. Bear Jew'll fix it. First and foremost, please for the love of god add 3 card poker. Secondly, import vehicles should not be locked behind player owned shops. There is plenty of irrational favoritism, inactive shop owners and managers, and an inability for new players to be motivated or have a goal set for an import vehicle. Player owned shops should rather be focused on illegal/legal imports of car parts, such as nitro/speed enhancers, etc. Player owned shops could also import high end super cars, while sport cars and other vehicles be added to a server controlled premium shop. For
  3. You're alive? Been a while man haha

    1. bear jew

      bear jew

      Yeah man, haven't been active anywhere really. All i know is that people have been throwing around accusations. How you been khan 

    2. Khandamir


      I've been good thanks ^^ How about yerself?


    3. bear jew

      bear jew

      Really good mate, hopefully I get unbanned and i'll hop with you eh!

  4. Why do you keep speaking to my girlfriend bro




    1. Stop
    2. Doing
    3. IT
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    2. BratJaggesVlnd


      Happy birthday!!!

    3. Dylan


      bear jew marko is asking if you will leave him alone he doesnt want to be associated with you.


    4. Markooo


      i am reporting you brat

  5. Wanna dock

    1. bear jew

      bear jew



    2. PrincessJake
  6. Hello Mr.bear jew

  7. Hello Mr.Salty


  8. Why have you gone away?

  9. Thought u were banned bruh...

    1. puppy1004


      He's been unbanned... :Heart: Like, a month ago?

    2. bear jew
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