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  1. 20:00 Restart Added Rebel meeting location @Mystix Supporting code to allow "non-group" properties to share ownership @sciencefreak74 Protection to traffic/ambient signs, especially ones in cities/towns @Jaffa Fixed Sling load restrictions triggering for helicopters you were not piloting @Jaffa Paycheck sometimes tried to add non-whole amounts @Jaffa Airdrops being prematurely deleted @Jaffa Equipment boxes in police station were unusable @Jaffa Modified SAF Air Drop refactored to AAF @Jaffa Airdrop is now seen as being tampered with when a bolt cut attempt is started @Jaffa Other minor map changes @Mystix Notes We haven't gotten as much as we'd like to done since the last update. A lot of this is down to an unfortunate combination of personal circumstances for the Arma dev team; with some preparing for the next year of university, some changing their employment and others including our dev lead @sciencefreak74being on holiday. However, @sciencefreak74should have some exciting news to share with you soon with the future of groups and unique features per-group (not group type!).
  2. This doesn't appear to be a bug, rather the message always says "people" regardless of who it's checking for. I've adjusted this message to show the name of who it's checking for. (in this case, police)
  3. Jaffa

    House rent

    And now actually fixed in the next update
  4. Jaffa

    House rent

    Did it persist after a restart? Also, what time did you buy the house so we can see if there's any errors etc in the logs
  5. ⚠️ Mission File Sync Users ⚠️

    In order to sync Malden mission files, you must complete part of the setup again.

    This can easily be acheived by running the RUNASADMIN_Setup.bat file within the folder as admin.


    @GordonMissed the most important point in his status update somehow.

    1. Wicker


      what do you mean i cant sync the mission files when I join server?

  6. Broken due to a typo during refactoring. Fixed as of 00:00
  7. 00:00 Restart Fixed NLR Timer not reduced in capture zones @Jaffa
  8. 001hZTV7ovLIWjiXEb0FE1OxeBc0UkS0cPiVP.pn

    damn, crimzon still hasn't reported the bug with the gang base clothing shop.

    It appears to work just fine anyway...


    1. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      @JaffaAFAK it is meant to be advanced clothing, yet it still isnt

    2. C R I M Z O N

      C R I M Z O N

      with the fact that in the last update you guys said that you made the clothing advanced, but it still isnt. whats the point in reporting it if you guys already know this, and said youve fixed it multiple times but still havnt.

  9. 04:00 Restart Added Wiki button in ESC menu @Jaffa Modified Performance optimisations to gang wars code @Jaffa Fixed Property rent slider range not respecting maximum rent value @Jaffa SAF crate sometimes being sling loadable @Jaffa Delayed initialisation of gang wars scoreboard @Jaffa Removed Intel folder that kicked you from the server when interacted with @DCC LastNickLeft
  10. I suspect 1 or more cops had not loaded in (or their side was not returning correctly in a brief moment). I've applied a small tweak in dev build to the side count code which may reduce the instances of it counting less.
  11. you can't just Remove the Honk ):

  12. 04:00 Patch Fixed Kicks when using auction house @Brick Removed Honk @Jaffa
  13. 00:00 Update Added Kavala underwater sightseeing locations @Gordon Honk @Jaffa Further staff/other changes @Jaffa Modified Server-side security tweaks @Brick Improved handling of zone changes (to allow BW to end earlier without a hack) @Jaffa Forward spawn points disabled during BW @Jaffa Training server tool allocation (Let us know if anything useful is missing) @Jaffa AC Optimisations @Brick Fixed City Guide shop and map fixes @Gordon Server side error relating to CZs @Jaffa Inability to break into Reserve @sciencefreak74
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