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  1. 00:00 Patch Added Athira checkpoint spawn for Poseidon (when Poseidon capture via border wars) @Ciaran Kill tracking for whole border wars area @Jaffa Modified Whole border wars area is now treated as a zone in clean-up scripts @Ciaran Body bags and cash stacks no longer drop in zones (including border wars) @Ciaran Tweaks to some small objects in the map @CC Gordon Name of driver now shown when VDMed @Jaffa Fixed Some locations still being robbable during border wars @Ciaran Vehicles being considered active when last drive
  2. Jaffa

    Discord Spam etc..

    I've already posted a message to factions a few days ago with a list asking them to review which tags can be tagged by everyone (The list should be limited to senior roles ideally). We'll get right onto fixing Discord's shitty permission system for them! (That's not possible in Discord) There is something similar on Discord called verification level, but only Management have the ability to change the level. @Wilco
  3. It wouldn't be a simple as drop in whatever you find on the internet if it's to be implemented in a way that isn't jarring. Different siren sound files from different sources will end up making one or the other sound weird simply from how they were recorded rather than the sound of the siren itself. We do use Wheelen Alpha (as confirmed by comparing it to my own sound files) Also, One thing to note with the two tone Hi-Lo sirens is they are usually deployed with a "warbling" effect that shifts the frequency randomly (it reduces the risk of sirens being automatically filtered by the
  4. You can already identify vehicles via the License Plate which is shown in the right hand side of the garage menu
  5. Jaffa

    Border Wars

    These both stem from the same issue of the areas not being defined properly from my understanding. Anywhere where you didn't get the reduced NLR won't have the "key holder nearby keeps vehicle active" disabled. The whole area has already been changed to count as "a zone" for the purposes of those scripts Body bag and money drops have already been disabled. A general point of note to also add here is that having a mass amount of mission file downloads fucks up the server for the rest of the restart and that definitely did happen on the night. This one would probably
  6. 04:00 Hotfix Fixed Player money not being updated in specific conditions @Jaffa
  7. I've placed a temporary lock on this thread as it's clear some do not want to discuss the issue in a reasoned manner and need time to cool off. You can disagree with people's individual opinions, but you must do so in a reasoned manner that is not aggressive or attacking. Apologies to those who were acting in good faith (i.e. those who have responded to my points), sometimes bad apples ruin it for the majority.
  8. It's not as simple as that as the respawning process where the gear is assigned isn't coupled to the spawn menu at all, the spawn menu is after that has been done.
  9. How would you handle instances where people have secret house locations that they don't want the rest of their gang/group to know? It would be impossible for these people to spawn at them after a death without exposing the location.
  10. @Wilco It already does, the script ignores if the player is nearby and only keeps the vehicle around if it's interacted with. Everywhere else on the island will keep the vehicle around if the owner is nearby. Tl;dr: Just don't touch the vehicle (inc. Windows key tapping etc) and it'll disappear
  11. 00:00 Patch Modified Air drops location selection reworked to avoid major roads @Jaffa SPG uniform colours tweaked to grey @ACC LastNickLeft Advent calendar warning messaged reworded @sciencefreak74 Map Changes Added Fuel pump to Athira PD @CC Gordon Modified Poseidon Pier @ACC LastNickLeft Modified NPAS Heli spawn @ACC LastNickLeft Modified MPU boat racks @ACC LastNickLeft Modified Agios Greenzone @ACC LastNickLeft Fixed Air drops sometimes dropping at bottom left corner of map @Jaffa Small patch, we nee
  12. Can you give me some timestamps of when it's happened so I can identify the correct restart sessions for logs
  13. Has this happened more than once? It may simply be it got really unlucky trying to find a position and gave up.
  14. Jaffa

    VDM with Rubbers

    Please read the guidelines for submitting a bug report, it's hard to look into a problem without any surrounding context or information.
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