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  1. I am back!!!!

    1. Sau


      Welcome back to the island, Hope to see you around the island of Altis 

  2. Always a pleasure patrolling and roleplaying with you!
  3. A lot of students tonight! Great patrol guys well done 😃


  4.     Good patrol with a STU and an FA. Very busy night and a lot of fun characters 😂



  5. Unfortunately I missed it due to being terribly hungover I am glad everybody who attended had a great time!
  6. Is this part of our new NHS fleet? Shoots morphine from the sky along with our NHS tank that has a huge morphine cannon! Finally be able to go in the redzone lol
  7. Anybody here play Escape from Tarkov?   Me and my mate have just started playing it and could do with somebody showing us the ropes 🙂

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    2. SGT John Smith

      SGT John Smith

      Hit me up if ur bored and wanna play sometime 😄

    3. Stick3rz


      Use the current state of the "Season" to get used to the game and learn the maps (Start with Customs), wipe should be towards the end of the month. 

    4. Javier


      @aaron10250 Wipe is a reset that completely resets everyone every couple of months. As Stick said use the current time you have to get to know the basics, i'd also recommend watching some you tube vids or streamers. Can be pretty helpful.

  8. Same thing for me as well.
  9. 1km away from a gunfight shooting morphine at the injured people
  10. Good job buddy! looking forward to you joining our ranks soon
  11. Banned because summer is better than winter.
  12. Sounds like a great bit of roleplay there folks. Good job guys!
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