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  1. Well it terms of what happend, it was the other way around. We found out about the armed Xian in the redzone. I killed 2 people inside the redzone before we had the poseidon interaction. a guy named Aike and Jim Carrey. I asked if Jim Carry wanted comp and he said it was fine and i apologised for shooting him, even though he only took it as a laugh. I tried speaking to the other guy ingame but got no response and i tought we revived him but i might be wrong. Then after the chat and gunfight with poseidon i was later banned. They did get revived from the Xian explosion and we did have a fight l
  2. Malfang

    Fix Border Wars

    They also restart their servers every 8 hours regardless of their events. Something needs to be done.
  3. you might asvell make an event server for poseidon and police as there is little to nothing to do on the server when the event is going on.
  4. Well i have made sure not to break any of my past bans again, and i kept my promise on that. Apart from the rdm rule, back than i was quite new to the server. That doesnt mean i think i should be allowed to break every rule once and be allowed back as long as i dont break it again. Im trying to say i can learn from things. I will make sure to read the rules when i am unsure about things in the future, even how much i believe i can be right, there is always a chance of being wrong. And like i have said before, if i find myself in a situation like this one i will make sure to report it and
  5. Wont be joining that unit any time soon lol
  6. It was a heat of the moment thing to have a bit of fun. I didnt think much of it at the time. All i can say is sorry to the staff and the people involved with the kills. It makes the staff team and dev team look bad which is something i dont want. It was a stupid move to make and i regret it now.
  7. Unban Appeal for Malfang In-game Name: TBB Crystal Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198102446640 The date you got banned: 10/01/21 Member of the team that banned you: Stavik Reason given for your ban: Using a Xian with the cannon/ exploiting (A.1.4) In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I got banned because i was using a version of the Xian that is not allowed on the server. Using its cannon to kill people which is a very unfair thing to do. Why should we unban you ?: After comming back to the community i have loved every secon
  8. @DavidGaming this your barn mayte
  9. Good stuff mate! Cant be streaming that other 2013 game, its too much RP!!
  10. I mean while you are on it. Would it not be better to swich to a event server with limit factions slots and for better fps.
  11. Cops dont get money but Poseidon do. Nice logic mate
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