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  1. where is reptile zoo?

  2. Unban Appeal for Malfang In-game Name: malfang Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198102446640 Ban ID: ? Reason given for your ban: Broke life rule 1.4 exploits and glitches In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I got banned for using cannons on a plane/helicopter that is not available in the servers shop. I used these cannons on people instead of giving it to the admins so i got punished for that. Why should we unban you ?: You should consider my unban as i have learned my lesson and i have had some time to reflect on my actions. I have been unbanned before and learned my lesson so i doubt i will do something stupid like this again. I rarely play games now, but im really interested to see the new changes and the map switch malden. What i did was wrong and gave me unfair advantage to the other players. I regret it 100% was not worth the fun of using as im now not able to play Thsnx for taking the time to read Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  3. Throwback to when i got in a fight with Ronald Mcdonald!


    1. Nikolai


      are you alright lad?

    2. Lil Diego

      Lil Diego

      Get some fresh air G 

  5. @AlexBearwanna be my dinner guest?

    1. Malfang


      @Keven Stewartdid you say something?

  6. 😭😭😭


    1. Chris M

      Chris M

      Okay so this is proof that at this point you have completely lost your mind, thanks for confirming my theories.

    2. PC Akula

      PC Akula

      ur down tremendous @Malfang

    3. Malfang


      @Chris M@PC Akulawhat do you mean, its just some broccoli wtf?

  7. 🍑damn boy

    that some hot cake. you still takin the cake?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kayn


      malfang really fell off after the ban huh


    3. Malfang


      @foxyy @Kaynyour game is down bad af

    4. GREENY


      miss yeah big man 

  8. apex any1?

    1. Kayn


      not with u

    2. Malfang


      du sug sikkert uansett beatch

    3. Kayn


      jeg er drit god broski fra sia


    1. alex11


      you okay? 

    2. Malfang


      No, she made fuckin BEANZZZZZZZ WTF!

  10. you still havent upgraded your pc... just buy some fucking parts man! just make sure to have 32gb of ram with at least 3000mhz+ and get like a coffe lake cpu or something... if you can affoard an ssd ontop of that than you goood
  11. Stop being so mean

    B R A H!!!


    1. Hasan Carsteinnn

      Hasan Carsteinnn

      what did i do now?

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