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  1. Mind is a charity that has been there for a few friends of mine, and is something quite close to my own and my families heart. So the fact you did a charity stream supporting them and raising money for them was amazing, dude!
  2. New achievements? 👀

  3. If any of yall are interested in adventure games, play Valheim! It's a good game, got a sort of Rust/ Reign of Kings vibe to it. Would recommend ^-^ 

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    2. Jason


      That's tosic, sir!



      *Me and Hammie are friends, this is not swearing out of roleplay towards myself xo.*

    3. Hammie


      *He's lying i don't know who this guy is*

    4. Jason




  4. Thanks for the PAWSOME banner @Yello<3

    1. Yello


      anytime, i expect payment - i dont care how 😉

  5. Uhhhhh- Welcome to the server xD

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    2. Sebastian Langas

      Sebastian Langas

      Ive been playing server for a while. But never made a profile here 


    3. Yu Wong

      Yu Wong

      My little Sebby

    4. TheCap


      Seb its me daryl god damn farrell, just sayin pay to win XD

  6. Guess what guys- it's a game ^^
  7. Heyo! I was the dude screaming "Gray you're about to get hit! You're about to get hit!" Within the video provided! These lads continued to VDM throughout the hour patrol me and gray did, crashing into numerous vehicles and incapacitating individuals left right and center. They have no regards for the rules of NLR and VDM and laughed when we asked them to stop. I sent a staff request with no response and then shortly after got VDMed while attempting to revive one of their victims. Please get them gone or something, its genuinely getting out of hand!
  8. Jason

    I don't know about you Gray, but the guy in your music video knows how to bop down some quality lyrics xD

  9. A throwback to the game of Escape From Altis @Roo Hyuga@Nomad@Alexander@Grayand others got fucked by!



    *No idea why the upload came out as 480p. Yes, I wanna wash my eyes out as well.*

    1. Gray


      It stikes again! one second out the map 


    2. Gray
  10. Sister Act is a good film ^^
  11. .... Thats stale af dude.
  12. 🎵👌

    1. Maverick Delta

      Maverick Delta

      I heard my profile song it much "Better"  👀

    2. Jason



  13. The furries are returning, oh no xD
  14. Report a player Your In-game Name: PC Jason Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Ramsey Moohan Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 17/01/21 Time of the incident (GMT): 300 What best describes this incident ?: FailRP and C1.2. Please (in detail) describe the incident: Dude decided it would be cool to ram myself and other players with his car, tried to drive away and ran over another officer who initiated for the vehicle to be disabled. I shot him out of the drivers seat in an attempt to downsize any risk to anyone
  15. Having to spam to get into the server today <.<

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