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  1. @LastNickLeft told me to keep this private till he left the Police, or Arma. Since it was forced onto us, here is the LastNickLeft Blackfish Montage x3 


    1. LastNickLeft


      "No Furries Were Harmed in the Making of This Film"

      also, that is not me in any of those clips

    2. Miiiikkel


      He can't do the followings things;

      • Drive
      • Fly
      • Handle his weapons properly


  2. Went through some of the Altis Life/ Malden life clips earlier, videos from 2017 - 2021.. Big sad tbh 😞😢

  3. It has been, and will always be a pleasure to have played on the Altis, and Malden server over the past 5 years! With it going, it opens up for new opportunities for RPUK in the future.. Who knows, eh?.. 

    1. Fergu


      just rewatched @Simon Ross #1-56, was an emotional ride

    2. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      Simon Ross Last indeed turned out to be Simon Ross Last. Sad vibes, i'm sure there are some hidden ones somewhere left to unhide

  4. It has been a pleasure to play on the arma server, during the good and the bad times in this community! I've met so many people who'd I'd now honestly consider close friends now, who I tend to speak to day by day! Thanks to those who stuck by the server to the end, yall made it worth while and it's genuinely upsetting to say goodbye! However this isn't the end of the furry, I'll see yall on FiveM at some point
  5. Oh shit << 5 years! Kinda drunk coz pride event in Cornwall and alcohol is a great mix, but thanks for having me. Sorry for being a cunt throughout some of my years here! Love yall. ❤️

    1. Nikolai


      congrats dude 

    2. Robbie


      "Sorry for being a cunt throughout some of my years here!" I see the drink is talking 😂

      You are still bad at fallguys xD 

    3. Jason


      Reading back on it, kinda true tho xD

  6. Congrats new staff people 👏👀

  7. Banned for me also being vaccinated.
  8. Banned because I currently have the Rona.
  9. Anyone have that one song they can't stop listening to, even tho its years old and underrated af? 👀🎶

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. GREENY



    3. 3FingerGaming


      @GREENY i was 1 when that came out haha

    4. GREENY


      haha i was in the clubs living it large 

  10. Banned for not using the banned template, you melon.
  11. Banned for enjoying Malden too much?
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