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Scott S

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  1. Lol perm blacklisted for joining a different faction in rp to spy, in that case every police officer who joined UNMC and then conveniently left after obtaining access to our slack should be perm blacklisted 😂😂 Quiet child, let the grown adults speak 😉
  2. Love your streams 😍
  3. Your PP sums up your view 😂
  4. Next time this happens if no staff are available just drop me a message and I'll gladly come and shoot the fuckers for you
  5. In that case I've stolen 4 this week from NCA 😁
  6. 😂😂😂😂
  7. So if an officer does something against police rules while I'm on as UNMC I can't report him?
  8. May want to re-word the statement then because it says we can't 😑
  9. "Members of the prior groups are now also forbidden from filing Police Complaints" - Joseph tadworth said this, so having association with certain groups prevent PCC
  10. The confusion is due to the latest tadworth god command saying we as terrorists cannot
  11. I was in the hunter behind that truck, impressive flip
  12. @Swaghetto ^^
  13. I'm back and I see the little 20k in your bank so I'll drop a donation 😂❤️

    1. Ollie_


      I have an excuse. I'm in the process of a PC run so I bought a house.

      Glad that you're back though :)