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  1. hey all, i doubt any of you remember me, I was just going through old screenshots and saw this one, gives me memories to my happiest gaming moments i had, think it was back in 2014-2015, cant remember.. 

    this server fr one of da best things ive ever played, thanks for da memories, i never really did a leaving post because i thought id always come back, but i never did. Like i said, i doubt yall remember me, but i hope yall have a great life 

    - ghostie 


  2. vladic i want to kiss your head

  3. lego

    1. TheCap


      where the fuck have you been?

    2. Ghostie


      In the shadows 

  4. I got the same keyboard for £159 from curry's a few years ago! how the fuck did you pay £25 for it!?
  5. 2 years under the name Ghostie, lmao nerd

    1. Kittens Montana
    2. Ghostie


      Been here since 2014, just not Ghostie

    3. Kittens Montana

      Kittens Montana

      Same here xD Was called Altair, Mittens, Kittens, Montana, Mr. K, K, K Montana haha too many names my friend.

  6. @daniel snow another friend for you
  7. Gonna have to happen innit
  8. Will be buying this today, been looking forward to it for a while, msg me if you wanna play
  9. Thanks for my new banner @SALV 😍

    1. SALV


      Oh 🤗 anytime dude.

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