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  1. Santo


    Moving to accepted as more houses have been added
  2. Date / Time: 18/12/2020 Release: My head hurts Additions When respawning & bleeding out you will now spawn at the closest hospital. Currently it consists of Pillbox, Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay @Hawaii Export Warehouse (The White Company) @Santo @Archie Government Asset @Santo Police and NHS boat shops on Cayo Perico @Archie Gym equipment to increase stamina stat @Stealthee Cayo Perico island (South East of Los Santos) @Stealthee Cayo Perico DLC Vehicles @Stealthee Dog kennels at Vespucci PD @Antollyme Faction script
  3. Already fixed for next update
  4. A revamp of the impound is on my list of to-dos when I get time, moving to accepted.
  5. Santo

    Money objective

    This has been implemented in a fashion with the new Gruppe 6 money transports as such moving to rejected.
  6. Santo

    Police Armoury/Evidence

    There are other ways of getting the goods inside the evidence locker, raiding a fully manned PD isn't the most sensible solution as such moving to rejected.
  7. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScXErd4OxwM783kVOkl2Z2OB7jbxQIVE4ZdLy39i5m4ga421g/viewform?usp=sf_link
  8. Santo

    Police Armoury/Evidence

    https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/16007-archie/?status=43246&type=status ...
  9. Character 1 (Who has the cars at the minute) - 1710 Character 2 (Where they should be) - 131 Affected Car Reg Plates (If it is all of them, just write all) - All
  10. Well since you asked so nicely
  11. Date / Time: 8/11/2020 Release: We don't break things here Additions Added remembrance memorial legion square @Santo Added poppies to police formal uniforms @Antollyme Fixes / Changes Improved hunting photo marker @Stealthee (Livepatch) Fix for PNC being stuck on loading @Recon Nine Fixed lockpick exploit @Archie Faction radio channel overhaul @Antollyme Repair kit script improvements @Archie Removed strange characters from mythic notifications @Archie Update for civilian Amarok handling @Antollyme Fixed license remov
  12. Ok sign will be removed untill i can figure out why thats happening
  13. Has anyone else had this issue, it works fine in the live server for me the few people i was with at the time also didnt report any issues with it
  14. The blood bike was removed a while ago, the wiki was updated last night to reflect this. The other bugs will be looked into. Dev Ref: #169& #353
  15. Thank you for the report we will try to fix the issue - #351
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