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  1. https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/Guide:Install_FiveM
  2. Date / Time: 14/08/2021 Release: Paint is still ginger New Additions: New GTA V style loading screen (Full res version below) @Santo Bug Fixes / Changes Minor fixes to fuel script @Mathias Crafting recipe changes @Archie Removed: Removed ability for shops to sell mining equipment @Recon9 Final Notes @Paintis still a closet ginger please let him know this. Full res, full length intro screen can be found here:
  3. Gunpowder Milkshake Great Film - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8368408/ Also The Gentleman - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8367814/
  4. Date / Time: 09/07/2021 Release: Ginger New Additions: New police formal uniform @Antollyme New frontline clothing @Santo @Antollyme New frontline vest New peaked cap (with traffic variant) Vehicles Phase 1 response vehicle changes @Santo Replacement for UC ford Mondeo Skoda Octavia Estate replaced with Vauxhall Insignia BMW 530 touring replaced with BMW 540i Bug Fixes / Changes Reverted radio tones back to original @Mathias Ability to open ARV weapon locker with "Archie's Eye TM" @Archie ID Inventory icon updated @Antollyme Fixed issue with green tint on MCX @Santo Changes to prison doors @Mathias Final Notes @Paintis a closet ginger, and welcome to @Hughwho'll be joining us to help fix everything @Archiehas broken over the last 6 months .
  5. Date / Time: 18/12/2020 Release: My head hurts Additions When respawning & bleeding out you will now spawn at the closest hospital. Currently it consists of Pillbox, Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay @Hawaii Export Warehouse (The White Company) @Santo @Archie Government Asset @Santo Police and NHS boat shops on Cayo Perico @Archie Gym equipment to increase stamina stat @Stealthee Cayo Perico island (South East of Los Santos) @Stealthee Cayo Perico DLC Vehicles @Stealthee Dog kennels at Vespucci PD @Antollyme Faction script overhaul (more info down below) @Archie Fixes / Changes Standardized font used in menus, etc @Hawaii Buffed bleedout time from 10 to 20 minutes from feedback @Hawaii Early respawn timer lowered to 2 minutes if no NHS is online @Hawaii Fixed inventory and phone opening with controllers @Hawaii Fixed mechanic rent vehicle spawning on top of existing vehicles @Hawaii Inventory count box no longer resets to 1 @Hawaii Changed bread item eat animation @Hawaii Major RON delivery improvements: @Hawaii Improved dialogs, with coluring and money formatting Fixed receiving trailer car keys Added route blip, you no longer have to open the map and make a destination blip Tweaked the time calculation again, no more one minute missions. It's now based off the travel distance and not the (previously used) direct distance Added cargo health bar Added an intro dialog with Mr Ron Shop menus have been improved: @Hawaii Replaced amount dialog with a slider Colured prices Opening most sub menus no longer closes the main menu Worker menu improvements, you can no longer add yourself as a worker, new workers appear without backing the menu, removing workers also update the menu Minor dialog improvements Are now aligned to the middle of screen Hunger & thirst values tweaked. It now takes one hour to deplete them from 100%. Food values have been changed aswell @Hawaii Added multiple warnings when hunger & thirst start going low. Damage by starving has been nerfed from 5 to 1 hp @Hawaii Fixed blips 'Area' being blank @Hawaii Fixed wheel menu starting & stopping vehicles @Hawaii Middle X in wheel menu now properly closes the menu, and added missing menu sounds @Hawaii Added more vehicle seats in wheel menu @Hawaii Made lists in the stock menu selectable, so you no longer have to input a order ID @Hawaii Global player sync time to the hive has been lowered to 5 minutes @Hawaii Fixed restricting animations and emotes near the prison @Archie Fixed door authorizations @Archie Added a combined notification when leaving vehicles if both seat belt is on and doors are locked @Hawaii Physics Validation For Some Map Assets @Santo Staff tools key binds @Stealthee Microlight being wrong vehicle type @Recon Nine Early stages of vehicle overhaul @Antollyme Police riot van windscreen cage @Stealthee Missing boat garage blips re-added @Hawaii Removed NCA Warehouse @Santo "Keep car door open" script @Archie Temporarily removed whitelisted groups pending whitelisting changes @Archie Faction Overhaul With the new faction overhaul, all faction interactions are now handled through the caps menu in a massive increase in performance. This includes the spawning of police dogs, the deletion of props (concrete barriers Etc.) Clocking in/out and the spawning of vehicles. New island DLC In order for us to use the new island DLC this means we need to push you the content (it is quite large). This will add a delay to you joining the server, until the data is cached. There is a few collision issues from the rockstar version, we are working on fixing these but the majority of stuff is done. Any issues you find please report via correct means. We are working on compressing the data. However for the next few days. Enjoy.
  6. Already fixed for next update
  7. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScXErd4OxwM783kVOkl2Z2OB7jbxQIVE4ZdLy39i5m4ga421g/viewform?usp=sf_link
  8. Well since you asked so nicely
  9. Date / Time: 8/11/2020 Release: We don't break things here Additions Added remembrance memorial legion square @Santo Added poppies to police formal uniforms @Antollyme Fixes / Changes Improved hunting photo marker @Stealthee (Livepatch) Fix for PNC being stuck on loading @Recon Nine Fixed lockpick exploit @Archie Faction radio channel overhaul @Antollyme Repair kit script improvements @Archie Removed strange characters from mythic notifications @Archie Update for civilian Amarok handling @Antollyme Fixed license removal not working on PNC @Archie Moved escort key back to Shift + G @Mike Polo Small hotfix this evening. As always if you encounter a bug make a bug report or speak to your faction command. Also hope to see you all at the Remembrance day event this evening!
  10. Ok sign will be removed untill i can figure out why thats happening
  11. Has anyone else had this issue, it works fine in the live server for me the few people i was with at the time also didnt report any issues with it
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