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  1. Credit @Norman @Santo @George Harris @MrkW @Archie Richard Majestics old IOPC trailer: https://youtu.be/aEWmnIex4BA
  2. After you complete a delivery mission from the General/Mr White's Warehouse the trailer doesn't de-spawn which will end up with loads of trailers being left around the city EDIT: Thos only happens when you jump out of the driver seat to complete the delivery, which you have to do sometimes because of the positioning of the 'complete marker'
  3. When you press F1 to close the menu it puts the focus back on the game but keeps the visual UI on your screen, so then you have to press F1 again to get the cursor back and close the menu
  4. Vagos having a bad day 


    1. Yello


      Thats kinda hot

  5. Recently the UI elements have all been really slow and unresponsive after the server has been at peak numbers for a while - have noticed it for CAPS, F1, inventory and phone
  6. @Warwick What Archie has done is great - but the client-side issue still remains as a gate can be closed and locked for you whilst someone else can drive straight through it
  7. Have noticed that the gates only close/open clientside a couple of times now. It seems you have to be right next to the gate for it to close on your end. Goes for prison, police and cell gates/doors EDIT: Hope this shows it a bit better https://i.gyazo.com/645525f6ad5c6a8b467727b527453a82.mp4
  8. @Mnowadays we don't leave witnesses, avoids any drawn out legal proceedings https://clips.twitch.tv/LovelyUnsightlyHamburgerStrawBeary-vs17LNWCt0FYRO81
  9. @John Fletchergreat RP mate, think all involved thoroughly enjoyed it - not gonna say much more than that for obvious reasons @Santo @MrkW
  10. It's not even 11 in the fucking morning and the server has 75 players - honestly mad 🔥

    1. M


      nah its just all the people who have left their pc on overnight to get in 😂

  11. Novel sight that, took me a good while to figure out how it works
  12. @Thomass GDPR is optional right? @M yeah, feel proper out my comfort zone
  13. OPERATION OSTRUM - 01/02/2021 In a joint operation with the NCA's Armed Operations Unit and the LSPS' Firearms Unit 5 members of the OCG 'Ballas' were arrested and charged with firearms and drug related offenses. These arrests took place during a PACE Section 17 'entry and search' raid on a property associated with the OCG as there was strong intelligence to suggest they were in possession of firearms. An additional OCG related property was raided earlier in the evening as part of the same effort and operation to combat Los Santos established gangs. With all assets combined the Nat
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