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  1. As long as you have a 1 hour cooldown from the point you logged out like @Stealthee proposed I think most cases of abuse are avoided as logging out for an hour already gets you out of most situations and a different spawn point really makes no difference
  2. OPERATION PERFIDIAE RAIDS - 10/01/2021 Over the last few months, the National Crime Agency have been closely surveilling the Organized Crime Group; The Callaghans. On the evening of the 10th of January 2021 a small multi-agency task force made up of NCA's Armed Operations Unit and the LSPS' Firearms Unit executed two search warrants on John and Monty Callaghan. With all assets combined the National Crime Agency seized items estimated to a worth of over £2,000,000 total. In this operation the NCA seized: Firearms: 8x Gunsenberg Sweepers 2x Vintage Pistols 3x Micro S
  3. Very similar suggestion as https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/127467-some-cars-are-to-slow/ And the same comment I made on that applies here: In general, realism should in my opinion not be the main focus for cars performance, it should be server balance. And in general import cars have been super fast compared to the GTA ones, something which leads to generally ridiculous and stupid driving, horrible police chases and more. So the goal here should be to try and balance the cars around the standard GTA ones, that all go around 120 MPH instead of balancing it around real life performance.
  4. I really don't see that being a big issue and I would personally not want it as as a respawn option on death.
  5. Sure some people might think that, in which case they can choose to spawn last location, but I would personally really like to spawn in my apartment sort of like waking up and grabbing one of my stored vehicles or meeting a neighbour in my block. Just my opinion though.
  6. My point is that with Stealthee's solution you'll have to be logged off for an hour before the option appears, basically solving the issue of logging off and back on to teleport
  7. I would honestly do it the other way around: when you die you still respawn at hospitals as you are in RP being discharged from hospital after receiving care, and when you log on you can choose "Last Location" or "Home" as you are in RP sort of waking up.
  8. Suggestion: Give players the ability to choose to spawn either at their house or at their last location, same as Police and NHS have at the moment, sort of like waking up in your house as you would do in real life. Additionally give Police, NHS and any other groups with job hubs a third option in their menu for spawning at their house. Pros: - The same reason the factions have "Spawn at Job Hub", it gives you a home base you can always start from even though you might not have logged of there, a bit like "waking up" and starting your day off Cons: - Doesn't really make sense if
  9. Alfred Wilson

    Panic Button Change

    Not sure how a topic like this turn into 2 pages but it seems like both sides, both Police and Gray are in agreeance that a waypoint with a certain error margin is the correct way to go about things. The last 15 responses have said nothing the first 5 didnt.
  10. Alfred Wilson

    Panic Button Change

    Maybe create a circle area on the map and somewhere within that circle the panic was pressed. Pressing I then puts your waypoint in the center of the circle, cause if it starts to work the same way that LifeInvader does with only a street-name and no waypoint they will be very hard to use and borderline useless. Could always increase decrease the circle size.
  11. Alfred Wilson


    I feel like the downvotes here are from people who enjoy the broken nature of it at the moment, however I think for the benefit of server balance it warrants going against popular opinion. EDIT: Seems like popular opinion has swung in favor of the suggestion but point still stands
  12. Suggestion: Have the new darts minigame work for dartboards put up as interior pieces as well and not only work for certain specific dartboards. Not sure if it is possible to do in the same way as ATMs and vending machines but if that is possible that would be an easy solution. Courtesy of adaco
  13. true dont mind less rain but gets real boring with only clear skies, if its intentional Id rather have it decreased than removed
  14. The weather is constantly clear on the server since the last large update. Sometimes it changes to rain but quickly switches back to clear as if it detects the rain and removes it. Was thinking this might be intentional for performance or something like it but asked and Archie said it was probably a bug.
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