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  1. Nobody said anything about actually making something as nobody is experienced enough in it to do it successfully yet and as you said there is potentially not a point BUT it is (or at least it will be with experience and a few fixes etc) no longer going to be the case that the Arma series of games going forward couldn't have equal functionality and setting to FiveM servers.
  2. Tbh the enfusion engine makes that no longer really the case. Everything such as new cars, new vehicles, new props, new animations and new maps etc can be built into servers in a relatively similar way to GTA does. On previous Arma's, I would 100% agree with you but the extent of what the enfusion engine should allow, as people start to get more and more experienced with it, is not much short of able to make a whole new game from it .
  3. They look good to me, send them through to me or Nick on discord and depending on size we'll see how many can be added
  4. Another Malden changelog? 


  5. 00:00 Restart Added Abandoned vehicle event @sciencefreak74 A random modified vehicle spawns at a marked location Could be anything from a quadbike with a couple of cheap mods to an Ifrit with high-end mods like bullet resistant tyres which would otherwise be unobtainable on an Ifrit Take it to the chop shop to steal it (you don't need the skill to steal these vehicles) Clearer notice when trying to invite people or when joining a group that is full @Jaffa Some house somewhere @Mystix Fixed Player tags breaking in some circumstances due to recent group update @sciencefreak74 Issue gathering items in certain circumstances @Jaffa Walls inside the chop shop @sciencefreak74
  6. Malden changelog: 


  7. 20:00 Restart Added Bodysnatcher perk @sciencefreak74 Grants access to the bodysnatcher ability (15 min cooldown) which locates your nearest bodybag. Framework to give unique features to high quality groups (more info soonTM) @sciencefreak74 Storage upgrade for fuel tankers @sciencefreak74 Clam profession @sciencefreak74 Group uniform for Poseidon @DCC LastNickLeft Modified Rent is now called "Council Tax" @Jaffa Illegal items now sell for 75% if there is more than 20 players on (even with no cops) @sciencefreak74 When less than 5 cops and less than 20 players, it will continue to be 50% Police paycheck now 50% more when less than 8 police on @sciencefreak74 Medic paycheck now 50% more when less than 3 medics on @sciencefreak74 Fixed Green screen in the middle of the open @DCC LastNickLeft Impound lot decided it wanted to live in a field @DCC LastNickLeft Actually fixed the property menu being unable to display some names @Jaffa Differing conditions for sirens between buying/renting and ungaraging a vehicle @Jaffa Debug line left in AAN camera script @sciencefreak74 Intercept comms upgrade was still looking for Spec Ops on Altis @sciencefreak74 Couldn't launder drug box as needed Poseidon online @sciencefreak74 Fixed missing crate at laundry @Mystix Rare scenario where a vehicle may be cleaned up while accessing it's trunk @Jaffa
  8. New Malden changelog: 


  9. 20:00 Restart Added AAN Camera system at MAN News @sciencefreak74 Press 1-9 when in the camera to change camera position Press 0 to edit camera settings when in camera Configurable AAN "News banner" at MAN News @sciencefreak74 AAN vehicle flag @DCC LastNickLeft Modified Reduced prices of various AAN items @DCC LastNickLeft Updated police MB 4WD texture @DCC LastNickLeft Updated AR Uniform @DCC LastNickLeft Fixed CCTV camera station at La Trinite PD could not be used @Mystix High grade Marijuana and Cannabis could be stored in helis @DCC LastNickLeft NHS sirens not working on garaged vehicles @DCC LastNickLeft Weapon store took you to the middle of the ocean @DCC LastNickLeft Fertiliser was illegal and so wouldn't save @DCC LastNickLeft Name tag for "Governor of Malden" was still "Malden Mayor" @sciencefreak74 Property Menu not displaying info in certain situations @sciencefreak74
  10. 20:00 Restart Fixed Fields not being fertilised correctly after previous fertiliser has expired @sciencefreak74 Occasionally being banned for picking up new place-able objects (hopefully) @sciencefreak74 Some houses being accidentally disabled @sciencefreak74
  11. New Malden changelog: 


  12. 00:00 Restart Added Ability for Poseidon to move the Weed Pro @sciencefreak74 ATMs and cashpoints in more places @Mystix Marmite factory @sciencefreak74 DVLA to Le Port @Mystix Warning sign near a glitchy bridge @Mystix@DCC LastNickLeft Ability to buy blasting charged from Advanced Weapons (until a crafting solution is found) @sciencefreak74 Fixed Vehicles spinning around and flying off when spawning sometimes @Jaffa Police were able to get Mar-10 @sciencefreak74 Revive amount showing £4,000 when only £400 given @sciencefreak74 A lot of objects that could be broken why they shouldn't have been @Mystix Some objects forgot about gravity @Mystix Shipwreck said Altis not Malden @sciencefreak74 Weed job sometimes wanted deliveries to hidden houses/ weird locations @sciencefreak74 Box trucks could be sling loaded @Jaffa Large white houses with blue doors could not be bought. @Jaffa @sciencefreak74 Vehicle animation issues/ free bench upgrade @Jaffa Modified La trinite PD @Mystix Increased some helicopter costs @sciencefreak74 Weed can no longer be transported in air vehicles @sciencefreak74@Mads Frost Spec Ops air spawn made bigger @Mystix Scrapping a vehicle requires you to have keys or the vehicle be unlocked @sciencefreak74 Reduced range of chop shop @Jaffa Moved rebel stronghold chop shop @Jaffa Various Map changes @Jaffa @Mystix Removed Illegal run locations from police maps @sciencefreak74 Custom Factories The first custom group factory (marmite factory) is now activated. Groups that have ideas for a custom factory they would like access to and can provide good roleplay for it should message me with their ideas and they will be considered on a case by case basis. Note, I will not be considering ideas for creating guns at the moment as that needs more consideration and balance.
  13. Some more fun facts, the most wanted player had 243 crimes out against them. The average player had £430,000 to their name. The most common vehicles after the off-road are: - Hatchback (56,931) - SUV (48,380) - quad bike (36,888)
  14. Welcome to Malden, enjoy and have fun

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