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    1,147 days ago you joined the development team...



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      And you've been tagged as being involved in 150ish features on the update notes

      That's a massive contribution, more than we could ever repay you for, so we wont 😂

      Seriously you and the rest of the development team are the back-bone to this community. 

      Thank you science

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      So proud of you, French boy! ❤️

    4. Shepherd Kingston

      Shepherd Kingston

      Well done Science, Chief Constable next.

  2. There are a few major issues with this suggestion: -It does not follow the correct format -It contains nowhere near sufficient detail -The main point though is that the amount of effort required to do this would just make it not at all feasible Locked and moved to rejected
  3. Almost everything here is either: -Already a suggestion -Soon to be fixed by Arma update and already has a workaround in play -Only recently been made a suggestion and denied due to not being wanted As such, I will be moving this to rejected. The things which aren't already current suggestions or recently denied suggestions should be made as individual suggestions so it's possible to know what people want and don't want easier. Locked and moved to rejected
  4. It is perfectly possible that the total lives for example starts at a reasonable number and increases a set amount throughout the restart to fix the issues mentioned. Obviously it would require some planning and intelligence yes to stop cops trying to just "zerg" at the start and then running out of lives and waiting for it to increase. Obviously though a strict limit on numbers is not perfect, as has been expressed above, as it means a lot of people who want to participate just won't be able to and that would potentially lead to faction command having to rotate which people are allowed t
  5. I originally came up with this idea to balance the factions in border wars as a joke so don't take this 100% seriously but hey I might as well see what people think as it would stop the situation where faction command have to restrict it so only certain people get to actually participate in the event and others just get left out. What could be done is that each side literally just has a set number of total lives in the Border Wars event and that number is the same for both factions or alternatively each faction member has a number of lives which is inversely proportional to their faction
  6. The settings menu is not broken it has never saved settings changes over restarts. While I appreciate the effort put into this suggestion, there is already a suggestion for the same thing currently open that is linked below, please show your support there rather than making a new suggestion. As such this suggestion will be locked and moved to rejected.
  7. sciencefreak74

    Saved Loadouts

    There is already a suggestion for this in under consideration. Locked and moved to rejected
  8. I'm not even sure what is going on here but this isn't the place for rule suggestions anyway. Rule suggestions go here: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/527-rules/ Locked and moved to rejected
  9. sciencefreak74

    RGB Quillins

    This is already covered in the hunter suggestion. Locked and moved to rejected to reduce clutter
  10. A bug is what’s stopping this from working and so a suggestion for it is not required. locked and moved to rejected
  11. Request to edit suggestion to follow the format has been ignored. locked and moved to rejected
  12. No but I know at least one lucky new player walked away with a Mar-10 on Christmas Day from it
  13. Advent Calendar 2020 Statistics With Christmas coming to an end the Advent Calendar can no longer be claimed which means it's time for some statistics and rewards for those the one guy who opened every single day of the Advent Calendar. During the course of December 401 different people opened their Advent Calendar with a total of 1,151 doors being opened. Fun fact, on Christmas day itself 48 people opened their Advent Calendar. One person during the time the Advent Calendar was available opened every single day and as such Santa has decided to bring him some Christmas Presen
  14. I refute these allegations until the point in which proof is show to the contrary. Merry Christmas all anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas events throughout the last few weeks
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