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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Hi, Sciencefreak's real estate service here. For £2 million, its location can be posted to you. Regards, Science
  3. 20:00 Restart Modified Can now only win one gang base regardless of how many you have the highest score in @sciencefreak74 Clothing shop at gangwar bases is now the same as the one at advanced weapons @sciencefreak74 Fixed New continental could be purchased @DCC LastNickLeft Dying in gangwars would give 15 minute NLR @sciencefreak74 Gangwars leaderboard only showing in capture zone itself rather than surrounding redzone @sciencefreak74 Rare issue with zone rewards @Jaffa
  4. Yeah +1 these guys provided some top quality roleplay
  5. 12:00 Restart Added Some more "gang war base" essentials to make them usable @sciencefreak74 ATMs Store vehicle option Clothing shop Market A useless button (It's useless I swear) Fixed Jungle Ghillie wasn't stopping your name from showing like other Ghillie's @sciencefreak74
  6. New Altis update (Plus first gang wars tonight at 20:00) : 


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    2. Winters2


      Any cap on how many people we can bring to gang wars?

    3. sciencefreak74


      Not for this week at least

    4. GREENY


      nice one Devs 💯👌

  7. 16:00 Restart Added Gang wars basic system (still got work to go) @sciencefreak74 Custom NCA and Faroe islands flags @DCC LastNickLeft "Gang War base flag", "Doge flag" and "Save Altis flag" @DCC LastNickLeft Additional Admin tools @sciencefreak74 Type 115 to Lobos @sciencefreak74 @DCC LastNickLeft Lush and Arid ARCO and ARCO AK @sciencefreak74 Fixed Faction count checks potentially returning less people than are actually on @Jaffa Removed Border wars from running on Friday evenings @sciencefreak74
  8. new flags when? :0

  9. Dear @Aethon The Police Complaints Commission has reviewed your complaint against SGT Ron Diesel and come to the following conclusion. As this incident had no bearing on yourself, as an unrelated journalist, and the only person it impacted other than a ruthless criminal is also an officer of the law, it is being dealt with through internal action. Thank you for helping to make the APS better. Kind regards, Chief Constable Sciencefreak Head of Professional Standards
  10. Dear @Joseph Triton The Police Complaints Commission has reviewed your complaint against PC Maxim and come to the following conclusion. There is insufficient evidence to say that the officer continued shooting beyond the point he could clearly identify you were not a threat. I will be reminding all officers to ensure they make clearer target recognition going forward, however, we will not reprimand officers for taking actions that can be reasonably justified to protect their own life, the lives of their colleagues or the lives of innocent civilians. As such, no action will be be
  11. Not a bug Locked and moved to rejected
  12. Auction closed, all future bids will be ignored. WINNER: Hapi - £74 million Please contact LastNickLeft for assistance in making the flag or to review and optimise the flag you already have produced.
  13. With the addition of the new vehicle flag system we are offering 5 custom flag spots up for auction. Winning a Custom Flag Spot will grant you the ability to choose who can use it, within limits, you can keep it just for you or let the whole server use it. The flag spots will be auctioned one at a time over the next couple weeks. The first flag spot ended in the early hours of this morning and went for £52 million. Everything you need to know for the next flag spot is below: Each auction will last 72 hours The starting bid for each auction is £5 million Minimum bid incremen
  14. Dear @Aethon The Police Complaints Commission has received your complaint against SGT RonDiesel. We aim to deal with this complaint within the next 48 hours. Thank you for your patience. Kind regards, Chief Constable Sciencefreak Head of Professional Standards //Been busy over Easter
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